Jeffrey W. Bulger, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Canvas Network

This self-paced course is designed to show that ethical theories can help provide frameworks for moral judgment and decision-making in the wake of recent scientific, technological, and social developments which have resulted in rapid changes in the biological sciences and in health care. This course also presents the academic foundations and historical development of multicultural moral decision-making and helps the student to develop their ability to interrelate reflectively, responsibly, and respectfully with a society of increasing intercultural connections. As grammar first describes how language is used, and then is in a position to prescribe how language ought to be used, is very similar to the approach taken in this course. This course first describes how people do in fact approach moral decision-making, and then is in a position to prescribe how multicultural and intercultural moral decision-making ought to made. Some of the topics to be covered are: Institutional Review Boards (IRB), Moral Development, Kant, Mill, Rawls, Informed Consent, Competency, Information Disclosure, Research on Human subjects, Principlism, and Food Systems. Required materials: Bioethics: Moral Philosophy, by Jeffrey W. Bulger, published by Plato’s Press, 2013. Cost: $49.96 Purchase at: The text for this course (digital access) is required - you will not be able to complete the course without it. Please allow 24 hours for reading rights to become effective after submitting your Access Code for the textbook.

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