Creativity, Innovation, and Change | 创意,创新, 与 变革

Jack V. Matson, Darrell Velegol and Kathryn W. Jablokow, The Pennsylvania State University

Let’s make history together - again! 让我们再一次创造历史!

In 2013, over 130,000 people from more than 190 countries came together in this MOOC to explore creativity, innovation, and change.

What did we DO?

We discovered creative uniqueness through Creative Diversity.

We used Intelligent Fast Failure to build innovative skills.

And we applied CENTER principles to drive personal change.

That was CIC 1.0, and it was a BLAST!

Now we’re back - and even better than before - with some new faces and fresh ideas to help you develop your creative potential, so you can enhance and transform your business, your community, and your personal life.

This is CIC 2.0 … and we’re ready to ROCK!

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以上是第一代创意,创新,与变革课程, 我们对它并不满意。





Week 1: The Creativity, Innovation, and Change (CIC) Mindset


  • Make dreams happen | 让梦想成真

  • Believe in your creativity | 相信自己的创造力

  • Use failure to learn | 从失败中学习

  • Vision, mission, and measurement | 展望,任务,和评判标准

Week 2: Understanding Creative Diversity


  • Busting creative myths | 创意误区

  • The Creative Diversity Model | 创造多元化模型

  • The Paradox of Structure | 结构矛盾理论

  • The creative process | 创造过程

  • Aligning problems and people | 人与问题一致性

Week 3: The CENTER Model


  • Scratch List to find your dream | 列单寻梦

  • Life Ring to focus yourself | 减小范围,集中攻破

  • Daily BIG to guide each day | 每天完成最重要的事情

  • Lead-lag metrics to define “success” | 借鉴"超前-滞后表"评判成功与否

  • Relationships to grow you | 建立各类关系,促进自我进步

Week 4: Innovation


  • Achieve a free, wild mind through mind warping | 思维发散训练

  • Employing Intelligent Fast Failure techniques | 运用快速失败智能优化理论 

  • Use Muda (waste) measurement principles | 运用Muda浪费评判标准

  • Live in a state of innovative  freedom | 达到自由创造境界

Week 5:  Value Creation


  • Defining value creation/entrepreneurship | 定义价值创造/如何创业

  • Determining consumer satisfaction | 决定消费者满意度

  • Generating value creation strategies | 制定价值创造战略

  • Becoming an agent of change | 成为改革的推动者

Week 6: Launching Your Creativity, Innovation, and Change Project


  • Where do you go from here? | 你的方向在哪里?

  • Purposeful, persistent, and positive | 目的性,持久性,与积极性

  • Activating your Idea Canvas | 实践蓝图

  • Planting the seeds of change | 孵化变革

Recommended Background

An open mind, the current skills you have, and a willingness to create your future!

Suggested Readings

Available on as e-book or paper edition!


Innovate or Die! by Jack Matson

CENTER by Darrell Velegol

Course Format

This course takes an experiential learning approach to driving creative change. Each week’s lesson will consist of short videos (5-10 minutes in length) to highlight new concepts and examples. Reading material will also be provided each week to add detail about each lecture topic. There will be six, one per week, required reflection submissions for a Statement of Accomplishment, and an additional 12 peer reviews during the entire course for a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction.

While the official language of the course is English, the Chinese translation is provided to ease the experience of our Chinese student population.

Additional Resources - The Idea Cloud

Idea Cloud is a place where you can find interesting material that we feel can boost your creative mind. It is not by any means mandatory to review this material in order to complete the course.






Why is it important for me to to take this course?


Creativity and the process of innovation are essential to the growth and well being of individuals, organizations, and nations. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn how you can be a strong positive force in your community and how to pass on your knowledge and experience to others, so that everyone will prosper.



Has this course been taught before?


Yes, in both regular classroom settings, in traditional online  programs, and as a MOOC course in Fall, 2013.  This course is an upgraded version with 50% new videos and materials.  So even if you took the first course, you will profit greatly by taking CIC 2.0.

You can find testimonials from last year students here:

这门课在传统课堂以及网络课堂上均有开设, 而且在2013年秋天作为MOOC课程开设。相比之前,如今这门课有一半的视频与材料是新的。所以即使你之前选过这门课程,你仍然可以从创意,创新,与变革2.0中获益良多。



Will there be exams? What will I have to turn in?  


There are no exams or quizzes in this course. (Hurray!) Instead, you will complete creative exercises and reflection surveys to demonstrate your engagement and mastery of the material. You will watch the videos, read the assigned materials,  then complete one exercise and submit one reflection survey per week.



What do I have to do to earn a certificate of completion?


Students who complete the required six weekly exercises and submit the accompanying reflection surveys with quality deemed appropriate will receive a certificate of completion. Students who also  participate in at least 12  peer reviews  will earn a certificate of completion with distinction.   



Will the course be challenging? Will it be fun?  


Yes! Contrary to popular belief, creativity and innovation  can be studied fairly rigorously, and that’s a good thing. Besides, as other people have probably been telling you all your life - you get out of learning what you put into it, so embrace the challenge! But there will also be ample opportunities to have fun in this course, so you can expect to enjoy it as well.


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