Evidence-Based Management Capstone

Patrick L'Espoir Decosta, ANUx

This MOOC summarizes and assesses the learnings from the Evidence-Based Management MicroMasters program.

The capstone module ANU08x concludes and assesses the culminating and integrative learning experience from the seven modules within the Evidence-Based Management MicroMasters Program offered by ANU. 

ANU08x provides an opportunity for learners to demonstrate how well they have mastered the knowledge and skills associated with evidence-based decision making in the areas of management, marketing, international business, technology and project management. Learners will also be required to reflect on their learning experience across the program and the metacognitive skills developed in relation to the learning outcomes set at both the program and module levels. 

Learners must obtain a grade of at least 70% to pass this module and be considered for eligibility to one or more of the business and management Masters programs on the ANU campus.

What will you learn

To demonstrate theoretical and critical knowledge in and across the different business and management modules using an evidence-based framework;
To critically analyze disciplinary information and knowledge from different sources and stakeholders using evidence-based tools and reasoning;
To systematically and critically apply the best evidence from and across the different disciplines to provide solutions in constantly changing and complex business environments;
To reflect on your learning experience to demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcomes set for the modules and the program;
To incorporate ethical behaviour in evidence-based business problem decisions; 
To effectively present your integrated and culminated learning experience, both orally and in writing.

  • 7 апреля 2018
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