Practical Thinking Skills for a Successful Life

Jack Chun, HKPolyUx

This course equips you with the practical thinking skills (logical and creative) for a successful life through a journey to different life and death situations with three great masters: Aristotle, Kant and Mill.

Make a Right Choice in a Successful Life

A successful life depends on the choices you make. But how can you make theright choice in your life? In this course, you will learn that the answer lies in the application of positive values and powerful thinking skills.

Learn from Three Great Masters by Reading Comics

This course first introduces three influential conceptions of a successful life: personal happiness, duties to others and social benefits. You will learn these ideas from three great masters: Aristotle, Kant and Mill. Their insights help you understand many of the hidden assumptions of your own and other people’s outlooks on life. We will illustrate their ideas through a series of refreshing comics and interesting explanations. And you can compare your views with the global learners through the poll questions.

Identify a Successful Outlook on Life by Reflecting on Different Life and Death Situations

In addition, we will expound useful critical and creative thinking skills for your decision-making in different situations. They include the questions on your choice of personal identity, conception of love, decisions on life and death matters. A micro-movie on a particular life and death situation, featuring Hong Kong local actors and actresses, will illustrate a soul-searching case-study for the reflection of healthcare and counselling professionals as well as the general public. It will deepen your understanding on how to construct a successful outlook on life.

An Award-Winning MOOC for Laypersons and Professionals

This is 2.0 of the previous course on life and death. The 1.0 version has scooped praises from authentic global learners, and, upon its launching, received the prestigious prize Top Ten Most Popular MOOCs in November 2017 awarded by the Class Central, USA. This 2.0 version is built on the success of the previous version with a completely new course design and exciting elements.

What will you learn

  • Three outlooks on a successful life by three great masters: Aristotle, Kant and Mill
  • Critical and creative thinking skills for different life and death situations
  • Effective all-round thinking

  • 31 марта 2020
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