Environmental Pollution Events and Emergency Response Introduction

Guangjin Tian, PekingX

In this course, we will discuss and analyze major environmental pollution incidents at home and abroad, in terms of the responses to these incidents, as well as the management of environmental emergencies, to gain a deep understanding of these environmental issues.

This course uses case studies and seminars to explore the occurrence of and responses to major environmental emergencies both at home and abroad, such as the Rhine River pollution incident, the Songhua River pollution event, the London smog episode, the Beijing haze pollution event and the Tianjin explosion accident. The background, causes, ecological restoration measures, accountability mechanisms, emergency response measures and ecological and environmental impacts of major environmental pollution events will be discussed in various contexts.

Through case analysis, we can understand the causes, impacts, and appropriate response measures to water environmental pollution events, atmospheric pollution events and safety breaches.

This course will also systematically explore the theoretical underpinnings of environmental emergency management to promote better understanding of environmental emergency prevention measures, early warning systems, preparatory measures for environmental pollution incidents, effective environmental emergency responses, and post-emergency pollution event assessment and reconstruction efforts.

In this course, students will gain knowledge of environmental pollution issues and improve their ability with respect to effective management of emergencies.

Pollution should not be underestimated; it is an emergency! We should take action to protect our environment and create a beautiful China with a blue sky, green earth and clear water.

What will you learn

An understanding of the background and/or causes of environmental pollution events, emergency response and ecological restoration measures, and accountability for major pollution events.


Familiarity with China’s environmental pollution incident emergency response system and ex post evaluation.

Greater understanding and awareness of environmental problems.

A better understanding of environmental pollution and increased pability with respect to effective management of emergencies.

  • 1 сентября 2019
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