Introduction to Quantum Transport

Supriyo Datta, Shuvro Chowdhury, PurdueX

This course introduces the non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF) method widely used to describe quantum effects in nanoscale devices, along with its applications to spintronic devices.

This course introduces the Schrödinger equation, using the tight-binding method to discuss the concept of bandstructure and E(k) relations, followed by an introduction to the NEGF method with simple illustrative examples. Concept of spinors is introduced along with the application of the NEGF method to spintronic devices.

No prior background in quantum mechanics or statistical mechanics is assumed.

Students taking this course will be required to complete three (3) proctored exams using the edX online Proctortrack software. To be sure your computer is compatible, see Proctortrack Technical Requirements.

Nanoscience and Technology MicroMasters ®

Introduction to Quantum Transport is one course in a growing suite of unique, one-credit-hour short courses developed in an edX/Purdue University collaboration. Students may elect to pursue a verified certificate for this specific course alone or as one of the six courses needed for the edX/Purdue MicroMasters® program in Nanoscience and Technology.

For further information and other courses offered, see the Nanoscience and Technology MicroMasters® page. Courses like this can also apply toward a Purdue University MSECE degree for students accepted into the full master’s program.

What will you learn

  • The Schrödinger equation
  • How the tight-binding model works
  • The concept of bandstructure and E(k) relations
  • Self-energy
  • Broadening
  • NEGF equations
  • Dephasing

  • 28 сентября 2020
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