What Does It Mean to Be Human? An Introduction to the Humanities

Erin McCarthy, The University of Newcastle Australia

Explore what it means to be human and how we make sense of the world

What does it mean to be human? How do we acquire knowledge? How do we make sense of the world around us?

Through this course you’ll develop the skills and knowledge to start answering these big questions. You will consider the complexity of today’s world and engage in debates on the big ideas underpinning humanities subjects.

You will also develop the foundational skills required in the study of the humanities, including evidence-based problem solving, and intercultural awareness.

Recommended for learners age 15+

This course is for anyone interested in the humanities, or answering questions about being human. You don’t need any previous experience.

  • 22 февраля 2021
  • 16 ноября 2020
  • 3 августа 2020
  • 24 февраля 2020
  • 7 октября 2019
  • 29 июля 2019
  • 25 февраля 2019
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