Teaching Black British History: A Teacher Training Guide

Lavinya Stennett, The Black Curriculum

Learn how to best teach Black British history into the school curriculum

From pedagogy in the classroom to the history of ethnocratic and eurocentric narratives, this comprehensive, three-week course will equip you with all the tools you need in order to best teach and embed Black British history into into your school curriculum.

Apply inclusive learning and active learning into your curriculum

Through this training course, you’ll be equipped to support your students by providing a sense of belonging and sense of identity to young people across the UK, through both representation and the accurate teaching of British history. This, in turn, will improve social cohesion between young people for future generations.

You’ll also decipher the importance of inclusive and active learning, and will identify strategies, such as arts-based learning techniques, in order to facilitate better understanding of the topics in which you’re trying to teach.

Gain the know how onto best approach teaching Black British history

You’ll gain practical knowledge on how to embed Black British history throughout your teaching curriculum, and will also gain an awareness of the racial biases present throughout the wider education system.

You’ll also gain a critical perspective on the sources used when teaching history, and how Black British history has been neglected to be taught throughout past generations. Finally, you’ll go beyond the classroom and will cover how to teach studying the subject within your local community and at home.

Learn from experts at the social enterprise The Black Curriculum

You’ll be learning with The Black Curriculum, a social enterprise founded in 2019 to address the lack of Black British history taught within the UK curriculum.

It’s the leading organisation within the field, and patrons include Professor David Olusoga, Jade Bentil and Virgil Abloh.

This course has been created in mind for key stage 2 through to key stage 5 teachers and practitioners who are wanting to learn more about how to embed Black British history into their curriculum.

This course will also be useful for those working in charity and social enterprise sectors and departments.

This course focuses on UK examples, however it will be applicable to a global audience.

  • 22 февраля 2021
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