Modern Mobile Development

Edwin Guarin, BA, Senior Academic Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation., Harvard Extension School

This course provides hands-on experience with important developer features, giving students the ability to build apps on the PC, phone, or slate using C#/XAML and HTML5/CSS. After completing this course, students are able to work with data using list view and data binding. Get more out of the hardware with APIs for compass, gyro, camera, and virtual motion sensors. Take advantage of the new multitasking capabilities such as fast app switching, background agents, live tiles, push notifications, alerts, and reminders. Touch/gesture input and cloud services are also covered. Students may count two of the following courses toward a degree, but not all three: CSCI E-62, CSCI E-65, and CSCI E-164.
Prerequisite: experience with object-oriented languages such as Java, C#, or C++. (4 credits)

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