Strategic Management of Growth Companies

Dave Power, MBA, President, Power Strategy, Inc., Harvard Extension School

This course addresses the unique challenges of managing growth companies. Growth companies are the engines of product innovation, market expansion, and value creation. But sustaining the growth of these dynamic private companies, typically with revenues of $10 to $100 million, requires a unique set of skills, different from those required in either start-ups or large public companies. Too many stall as they outgrow the processes and teams that led to their initial success. Using a mix of case studies, interactive discussions, and group exercises this course prepares current and future company leaders for success by providing a general management perspective: strategy, execution, team, and capital. Students first learn different strategies for growth, including market disruption and business model innovation. They then connect strategy with execution through market selection and positioning, lean development of new offers, and pipeline management. Because execution depends on team effectiveness, the course addresses team alignment and the role of leadership in creating a growth culture. The final sessions explore raising growth capital and planning a successful exit. (4 credits)

  • 28 января 2014
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