Translation Practice

Oliveira Simões, OpenLearning

The course offers you an interactive platform where you can practice English to Portuguese translation through engaging and fun activities, video lessons, and tutorials. As you go along, you will learn useful translation techniques within a theoretical framework of transfer of meaning. The course is divided into 20 topics of relevance. including literal translation, literalness errors, grammar accuracy, text cohesion, linguistic registers, mechanics (punctuation, capitalization, diacritical marks), false cognates, ambiguities, translation types (i.e., general, MT, medical, technical, idiomatic, literary), localization, translation resources, plus proofreading and editing for quality control!

Four complementary Skype sessions will be available throughout the course, so you can get the most out of it. Interact with the Facilitator, ask course-related questions, and engage with your peers!

Assess your progress as you go along. The course is totally self-paced and awards you a FREE certificate of completion. You have up to 6 months to complete and will be given the option to order professionally graded translation tests at the end (in case you wish to have a more accurate skills assessment).

Give your professional career a boost with Translation Practice! Enroll now for only $75 (one-time payment wih no hidden fees).

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