Blogging Success Program

Celestine Chua Life Coach and Founder of Personal Excellence, Udemy

“ I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to create a top blog and hit one million pageviews quickly. The value you get is worth many times more than the price you pay!” ~ Alyssa Choong, Blogging Success Course Participant

“I’ve read many articles on blogging over the years and I have never found anything that matches what you will learn in this course. If you are serious about having a successful blog, you need this course.” ~ Marsha Roberts, Blogging Success Course Participant

“The Blogging Success Program was beyond all my expectations. After finishing the last module, I worked on my blog for 5 hours straight because I was so filled with ideas, energy and optimism!” ~ Roxi Staton, Blogging Success Course Participant

Blogging Success Program is my intensive six-module blogging video course sharing my best blogging success strategies growing my blog (Personal Excellence - from zero visitors to one of the leading personal development blogs online today with over a million pageviews a month: all in under three years!

Besides my professional experience growing PE rapidly in just three years, my content and lessons come from over 10 years of web development and experience creating and running over a dozen websites in different genres.

Quick Professional Snippets About Me:

  • Blogging. Personal Excellence (my blog) is the leading authority platform for people who want to achieve excellence in life, with free resources such as articles, daily quotes, inspiring videos, free e-books, podcasts, manifestos, and more. My readers are international from over 200 countries/territories. I have been running PE since December 2008 and it is my full-time job.
  • Media. I have been interviewed and quoted over 80 times in print, TV and online media, including CNN International, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, CBS Business Network, Channel News Asia, Simply Her Magazine, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Asia One, Sun-Herald, The Sunday Age, OMY Singapore, 938 Live radio, Kiss92 and more. (For a full list of my past media coverage, visit
  • Business. Personal Excellence is my full-time career/business since I started out in December 2008. 95% of my business income today is passive income, coming from Google Adsense advertising and my e-products and e-courses. (Check out my other course on Udemy on how to build your passive income business and achieve financial freedom for the rest of your life:
  • Speaking. I’ve been invited to share my journey in blogging, social media, entrepreneurship, and personal development. I have spoken at Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania), Kimberly Clark, The Asia Business Forum, de Baak (leading training institute in Holland), Ministry of Defence (Singapore), JobsCentral, NUS Global Alumni Network, People’s Association, National Library, Singapore Institute of Management, and more.

Whether you just started your blog or have been blogging for a while, the Blogging Success Program will be instrumental to help you build a successful blog. This program is suitable for anyone who wants to blog to build your business, create a personal blog and take it to success, or simply increase your blog's traffic. The content has been crafted such that it is suitable for both newbie, intermediate, or even veteran bloggers who want to blog their way to their first million pageviews.

Blogging has changed my life. It has opened doors for me where there weren't, connected me to great minds from around the world, forged new friendships on my behalf, and allowed me to pursue my passion.

Most importantly, blogging has led me to you.

I've learned heaps in my blogging journey (five years and counting, plus I had five years of web development experience pre-PE, making it a total of 10 years of online experience). I've learned what it takes to create a top blog, set it apart from the crowd, and build top traffic in the shortest amount of time. I built PE to a million pageviews a month in less than three years, and this wasn't by chance in any way: it was all a deliberate, conscious effort at blog building and traffic building.

And I'm here to teach you how to achieve the same too.

I introduce to you: Blogging Success Program, my intensive six-module blogging video course sharing my best blogging success strategies in growing Personal Excellence from zero visitors to over a million pageviews a month: all in under three years.

If you are serious about learning about blogging from someone who has been there done it, this is the program for you.

If you've ever wondered what it takes to create a top blog that attracts hundred thousands of readers a month, and why only a small handful of bloggers succeed where 99.99% others don't, then you have to get this program.

Enough with generic blogging tips that don't get your blog anywhere. What you learn in this program will separate your blog from the masses and rise to become the top 0.01% blogs in the world. Blogging Success Program packs my best strategies on blogging and generating blog traffic. This program is what you need to take your blog to your million pageviews, just like I have!

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  • What are the requirements?
    • None. Just an open mind and heart.
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 58 lectures and 22.5 hours of content!
    • The 3 blogging foundations you *must* have if you want to create a top blog… and these come BEFORE we even talk about content — Module 1
    • What it means to have an impactful message for your blog and why it matters in making your blog rise to the top quickly — Module 1
    • The art of creating a powerful blog brand, title, and tagline such that your blog sticks in the mind of your web surfers — Module 1
    • 4 elements of an effective blog layout to captivate your web surfer right away — Module 1
    • The evolution of the web and why “good” content is no longer sufficient in the Web 3.0 era today (2010s) — Module 2
    • 5 key content categories in the world of blogging and how to create cutting-edge content for each category — Module 2
    • 5 most popular posts utilized by TOP A-list blogs that are PROVEN to boost your blog traffic — Module 2
    • 10 in-depth case studies of A-list blogs (top in their niches) and what makes their content cutting-edge — Module 2
    • 6 easy ways to find great article ideas for your blog posts — Module 2 (FAQs)
    • Important blog writing tips, such as what are the best mediums (writing, video, podcast, etc.) to deliver your content, what is the best word count for blog articles to achieve greatest traction, whether to include images or not in your posts, and the best places to source for (free) images for your posts — Module 2 (FAQs)
    • 3 phases of traffic growth to master if you want to build a top blog — Module 3
    • My top 10 recommended traffic building strategies (out of the hundreds and thousands of tactics available out there) to grow your traffic in the quickest manner possible — Module 3
    • 5 visitor retention strategies to make visitors stick around after landing on your blog — Module 4
    • The ONE tactic that will skyrocket your subscribers by as much as 300—400 percent!! — Module 4
    • How to maximize your mailing list opt-ins and build a relationship with your subscribers — Module 4
    • Understand 5 important reasons for advocacy and how it fundamental to any brand's success — Module 5
    • Learn the fundamental pillar that drives advocacy -- what is it that triggers people to advocate so strongly for a blog/business/brand that's not theirs? — Module 5
    • My 3 recommended strategies to creating reader advocacy — Module 5
    • How to handle with criticisms and/or detractors — Module 5
    • 3 steps to creating an emotional connection with your readers — Module 5
    • Watch in-depth participant discussions of their blog action plans to get things rolling
    • Watch in-depth participant Q&A session covering many pertinent questions surrounding creating a top blog
    • Receive my final 6 tips on creating a successful, top-notch blog in any industry
  • What is the target audience?
    • Anyone who is looking at blogging to develop his/her business.
    • Anyone who is looking to build a personal blog and take it to success.
    • Newbie bloggers who are just starting out and want to cut down their learning curve.
    • Intermediate bloggers who want to take their blogs to the next level.

SECTION 1: Set Your Blog Fundamentals
  • Introduction of Module 1
  • Common Questions I Get Asked About Blogging, Answered
  • Get Yourself Set Up! My Recommended Resources
  • 1st Foundation of a Top Blog
  • 2nd Foundation of a Top Blog
  • 3rd Foundation of a Top Blog
  • Applying Today's Lessons: Blog Critique #1
  • Applying Today's Lesson: Blog Critique #2
  • Review and Module 1 Closing
  • Presentation Slides (PDF)
  • SECTION 2: How To Create Cutting-Edge Content
  • Module 1 Recap
  • Evolution of the Web: Why "Good" Content is No Longer Enough Today
  • How To Create Cutting-Edge Content (Plus Examples of Top A-List Blogs)
  • Exercise #1: Identify Your Content Strategy!
  • 5 Most Popular Types of Posts Used by Top A-List Blogs
  • Exercise #2: Create Your Article List!
  • Applying Today's Lessons: Blog Critiques
  • Review
  • BONUS: Common Questions on Creating Content
  • Presentation Slides (PDF)
  • SECTION 3: How To Get New Visitors To Your Blog
  • Module 2 Recap
  • 3 Phases of Building Traffic
  • Traffic Building Strategies: Small Rock Strategies #1-#3
  • Traffic Building Strategies: SEO Myths, Busted
  • Traffic Building Strategies: Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Traffic Building Strategies: Media Coverage
  • Traffic Building Strategies: Advertising
  • Traffic Building Strategies: Guest Posting
  • Traffic Building Strategies: Collaboration Projects
  • My TOP Traffic Building Strategy of All Time
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