How I Make $4000 Monthly Blogging: Money Making Secrets 2015

Mitch Stevens, Udemy

Secrets For Earning $4K Monthly Blogging Online: Full Guide Which Shows How I Stop Teaching To Blog At Home Fulltime

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Watch me demonstrate how I have gotten over 3 Million page views from FREE Google Traffic alone with no promotion or buying any ads. See evidence in the promo video and course. That's 100% FREE Traffic with no money out of pocket.

How I Earn $4000 Each Month Blogging: Great Secrets Blogging will prove to be one of your favorite courses on Udemy as well as the most productive course you take. Start earning money today doing what you are most likely already doing anyway, Blogging. GlobeNewsWire reports 24% of U.S citizens have thought about starting their own business and 21% of them between ages 35-55 were thinking about starting a business online such as blogging. Although, these figures aren’t directed at blogging per see solely it does give us an idea.

Everyone is an expert at something chances are. Use that knowledge to blog about on your new site. Use that strategy to turn what you love doing into a profitable site. These are the kind of the tips we will teach you in this course. Being an expert doesn't require a college degree. Most likely you have learned something by teaching yourself. It's these kind of topics you can use to earn an income online.

In this course we teach several different methods for monetizing your blog or site successfully immediately. Some techniques used for earning money online require time to build up an audience but we have included other ways to begin earning money from day one, immediately.

This is our complete guide for Blogging which shows how I was able to stop teaching school and start blogging full time. These are the strategies I use currently today to run my own personal blogs, for example, iPhonecaptain earns in excess of $4,000 each month consistently. These strategies will help you build an income you can depend on monthly and not just a one time thing.

We take you inside our personal Google Adsense dashboard and walk you through all our figures and numbers which show what we currently earn and what we earn through our blog now. It's possible for anyone to apply these same techniques and earn the same amounts as we do using these same exact techniques and strategies we share in the videos of our course. We have shared every thing needed to get your site up and earning money today.

Stop accepting the fact you're broke or working at a job you hate. Take this course to start a new beginning today. This course can help prepare you for the next stage of your life, the better stage.

So enroll in this course and begin learning all the necessary steps needed to earn a full-time income online. You might be surprised just how much fun this really can be.

What students can expect in this course from each section.

Section 1: Setting Up a Blog and how to Optimize it Effectively

Section 2: Choosing Host Provider

Section 3: Different Ways to Monetize Blogs

Section 4: How To SEO Optimize Blog

Section 5: Bonus: Affiliate Programs Part 1

Section 6: Bonus: Affiliate Programs Part 2

Section 7: How To Add Video Revenue with Youtube( We Suggest Our Youtube Secrets Course on Udemy Here)

We recommend our Youtube Secrets for Earning $2K Monthly Income to be most successful online. They go together like peas and carrots.

Bonus Materials Added:

Additional iPhonecaptain Revenue Proof Shown on Screen

Understand how adding Youtube videos in a post can be very profitable and smart blogging

Understand Importance of keeping a schedule

Learn how planning Giveaways can increase traffic and Social media followers FREE

BONUS MATERIALS INCLUDED: How to Make Money Through Affiliate Programs

Join over 10,000 satisfied students learning new skills to improve their lifestyle.

New Content Added Regularly - updated March 03, 2015

Start Earning Money Today With Your Blog.

Bonus Section:

This course also includes material which teaches users how to setup THEIR Wordpress blog to be most secured. Students will also learn strategies for making money using affiliate programs. Learn the best programs to include in your blog and which plugins are the best to secure the Wordpress site. These are all extremely effective techniques needed for earning income and security.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime for help. The best part about blogging is all the new friends you will make along the way. Be sure to join our Facebook Group in the course.

Although we have shared everything needed and we use to earn our income we can’t include work ethic. If you do not work hard using these strategies we can’t guarantee your outcome. You must stay motivated every day. By Applying these techniques with stamina its no doubt. Please keep in touch so we may share your stories as we progress together. Keep in mind I am not mmaking any guarantees of money or success. I have simply drawn you a map. It's up to each individual to follow.

  • What are the requirements?
    • Students will need an internet connection
    • Students will need a computer either Windows or Mac
    • Students will need money to buy domain hosting
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 46 lectures and 3 hours of content!
    • Learn to monetize blog or website
    • Understand how affiliates operate
    • Build a blog which earns revenue monthly
    • Learn different strategies for earning revenue on blog
    • Learn to make money publishing content
    • Learn adsense strategies
    • Learn to use Wordpress for blogging
  • What is the target audience?
    • Anyone wishing to blog for money
    • Persons wishing to supplement monthly income while learning to blog
    • Anyone wanting to start an online business
    • Anyone wishing to advance in the online world
    • Persons wishing to grow their blogs into money makers

SECTION 1: Setting Up New Blog
  • Course Objectives
  • What is a Blog?
  • How To SetUp a Blog
  • Join Facebook Group With Other Students In This Course.
  • Domain Registration
  • Half Price Course Links
  • Facebook Group for Students
  • Best Hosting Sites To Use -Links Provided Here
  • How to Install Wordpress on Your Blog Using CPanel
  • Genesis Framework Setup
  • Wordpress Dashboard Walk Through
  • Understanding Wordpress Plugins and Different Categories
  • StudioPress Affiliate Link for Genesis Framework & Theme
  • Setting Up Blog Correctly From Beginning
  • Add Youtube Channel To Blog For Additional Revenue
  • How To Add Sitemap in Wordpress
  • How To Submit Site To Search Directory
  • How To Outsource
  • SECTION 2: Choose Hosting Provider
  • Top Platforms For Blogging and Why I Prefer Self Hosted Wordpress Blog
  • How To Get Traffic On Your Blog
  • SECTION 3: Different Ways To Monetize Blog
  • Different Methods To Monetize Blogs
  • Top Ways to Start Earning Revenue On Your Site
  • Tips for Monetizing Your Blog
  • Different Advertising Methods For Your Blog
  • Importance of Google Webmaster Account and Tips
  • SECTION 4: How To SEO Optimize Your Blog
  • Why Yoast Plugin is The Best for SEO Purposes
  • How To Optimize Post Titles, Meta Descriptions, and More
  • Whats the difference betweenBlog Post vs Pages
  • How To Setup Google Adsense Account and Use in Blog
  • How do Categories Work In Blogging
  • SECTION 5: BONUS: Affiliate Programs
  • Best Affiliates Programs for Beginners
  • How To Use Amazon Associates Program on Blog as Affiliates
  • Top Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers
  • Affiliate Programs For Beginning Bloggers
  • Google Adsense Alternatives and How To Add Them To Blog
  • How To Use Google Adwords For SEO Content Writing
  • How To Setup a Google Adsense Account and Use it on The Blog
  • SECTION 6: BONUS: Affiliate Marketing Part 2
  • How To Use Affiliate Marketing Tools
  • Best Wordpress Plugins For New Blogs
  • Five Ways To Monetize New Blogs
  • SECTION 7: Add Video To Your Post for More Revenue
  • iPhonecaptain Additional Revenue
  • Become a Youtube Partner Today
  • Importance of a Schedule
  • Using GiveAways To Gain Traffic & Social Media Following
  • SECTION 8: Closing
  • Course Wrap Up
  • Quiz Testing for Understanding
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