Yoga Training: Everything About Yoga That No One Ever Tells

Brett Larkin, Udemy

Choose the style of yoga that's right for you, avoid injury, become the master of your breath & your own best teacher Do you ever wish there were one thing in your life that you could always control?

One thing that could always make you happy.

One thing that could always be this never-ending, safety-net source of nourishment and support. Even in the roughest, loneliest, angriest or most irrational moments?

Something that just ALWAYS makes you feel better? Guaranteed?

I'm writing to tell you there is.

It's not the next great self-help book or mind trick or product or partner.

It's simply, yoga.

But more than just yoga - it's a yoga practice that works for you and that you love.  

The problem is most people try yoga by showing up to the yoga studio closest to their house, at the most convenient class time, with whoever happens to be teaching.

While this is 100% better than doing nothing at all, with all the variables in the sentence above, it's not a surprise that people have varying outcomes.

It doesn't help that introductory yoga classes are few and far between, and may not be at a convenient time and place for you.

Most people culminate a series of random yoga experiences

  • skimming the surface of what this practice has to offer
  • risking injury (because they never took that intro class)
  • being somewhat or entirely confused (what does tadasana mean? how exactly is warrior 1 different from warrior 2?)
And I don't want this randomness for you.

My yoga practice has been a wellspring of abundance and joy in my life that makes me feel better, all the time.

No matter what is going on.


This is completely available to you too, and why I created 7 Steps to a Life Long Yoga Practice You'll Love.

Step 1: Get Out of Your Own Way

You're probably thinking "I'm not flexible enough" or "yoga could never be such a support system for me" and that's great, because in section 1 of this course, I help you debunk all myths that are holding you back from having a life long love affair with yoga (you're welcome).

You might also be pleading "too confused," like you could never learn all there is to know because yoga has hundreds of poses and Sanskrit words.

I breakdown everything about vinyasa (and that mythical, never explained word "flow") in short, fun, videos and explain everything that's confusing (in English).

Step 2: Choose the Style of Yoga That's Right for You

Say you were going to play tennis. First, you'd need to know that the net divides two sides of the court and that the ball must go over the net and between the white lines.

You'd need to understand the framework of how the sport works before you could truly play.

Well, same goes for yoga, the different styles of yoga, how they all relate to one another, and how you determine which one is best for you in this moment (it can change over time, and I'll cover that too).

So instead of just walking aimlessly around a tennis court (or to a yoga class), please let me give you a  quick intro to the different styles of yoga that could make all the difference in what you chose to pursue and why.  

Also, if you're thinking there's just one type of yoga or studio available near where you live, that doesn't matter: There is an abundance of amazing yoga classes online if you know what you're looking for, and many included in this course.

Step 3: Learn to Love Playing it Safe

This is called 7 Steps to a Life Long Yoga Practice You'll Love.

Yes, "life long."

That means knowing all the modifications you can take (often not explained or demo-ed in studio classes) and not getting injured or burning out after class #3.  

I'll also explain how modifying and playing it safe is actually a powerful, transformative tool within itself, and can spur self-study and help you change your personality.

Step 4: Become the Master of Your Breath

People new to yoga get caught up in moving around and perfecting the poses.

They think this is the important, first thing to do.

This is a massive bummer because the true magic happens not when you conquer a pose, but when you conquer your breath. And if you start with the breath, you'll advance leaps and bounds in your own practice.

Learn my three favorite breathing techniques of all time that have led to breakthroughs for me (yes, mental and emotional breakthroughs).

You want these securely under your belt as this amazing foundation from which you can explore the world of yoga.

Step 5: Become Your Own Amazing Teacher

Ever wonder if you're doing a pose right?

Never wonder again.

This section consists of four workshops in which I cover the DNA of the core poses by teaching you the one yoga pose that is the master blueprint for all the rest.   

I'll show you 7 alternatives to chaturanga (the #1 pose that causes injuries) and teach you the structural, foundational elements of the poses, never talked about in class, but always the first thing talked about in yoga teacher training.

Step 6: Your Most Powerful Tool: Meditation

This is my favorite key, as it's the one I'm continually working on.

It's the most challenging, and offers the most rewards.

A meditation practice is boundlessly great for you and can utterly transform your life for the better. Of course, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

I offer the guided meditations students have told me they love the most, from 6 minutes to 20 minutes, so you can fit one into your day no matter how much time you have to spare.

Step 7: Practice At Home

Going to the studio is great, but I think a home practice is essential for your life long love affair with yoga. And after going through this course, you'll be completely equipped with the knowledge you need to practice at home.

Practice to some of my favorite sequences, all of varying lengths, so there will always be one that fits into your busy schedule.   

Don't deny yourself this course if you:

  • Are busy and want to learn a lot about yoga in very little time
  • Have been doing yoga for awhile but are curious about how to expand your practice or "go deeper"
  • Want to ensure you have the correct alignment and have all the "bases covered" when it comes to yogic alignment and breathing
  • Want to avoid injury, learn about often not shown modifications, and become your own best teacher
  • Are considering yoga teacher training and want an more in-depth view of yoga and my experience
  • Are brand new to yoga, and are preparing for your first studio class -- there's an entire section just for you so you'll know exactly what to expect when you arrive at a studio
I created everything for this course over a 6-month time period. It was a true labor of love.

One of the main reasons I chose Udemy as the platform to deliver the course is it's 30-day money back guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with the course, you get your money back. No questions asked.

So try it, risk free, on me.

Click "Take This Course" above to get started. You'll get instant access to all the videos below, and can start watching right away, even if you're at work or on the road. Only the courses titled "Workshop" require you be at home with your yoga mat.

My life long love affair with yoga has been so rich, and keeps amazing me with it's power day after day, and I want the same for you. Click "Take This Course" now to get started, and I'll see you in lecture #1!

NOTE: Take this Yoga training course in any order you want. Jump around. Start with the videos that intrigue you the most or are most highly relevant to your current yoga situation. You have lifetime access to this course once you sign up, so don't feel like you have get through it in one or two sittings.

  • What are the requirements?
    • Yoga mat & blocks if you have them (or get them!)
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 43 lectures and 7 hours of content!
    • Avoid injury with these tips and insights
    • Master essential modifcations - make every practice your own
    • Align and refine your poses - become your own best teacher
    • Prepare for your first yoga studio class experience - if studio yoga is new to you
    • Discover the style of yoga that's best for you
  • What is the target audience?
    • Those preparing for their first studio yoga class
    • Those looking to learn essential modifcations and injury prevention
    • Those considering teacher training who want to align/refine and master modifcations

SECTION 1: Step 1: Get Out of Your Own Way
  • Introduction
  • Debunking Myths - "I'm Not Flexible Enough to do Yoga"
  • Debunking Myths - "Yoga is for Hippies" or "Yoga is a Religion"
  • There Are Many of Styles of Yoga & It Can Be Confusing
  • To Flow or Not to Flow - That is the Question
  • SECTION 2: Step 2: Choose the Style of Yoga That is Right for You
  • Hatha Yoga: An Overview
  • What's Vinyasa Yoga & Is It Right for Me?
  • What's Iyengar Yoga & Is It Right for Me?
  • What's Ashtanga Yoga & Is It Right for Me?
  • What's Anusara Yoga & Is It Right for Me?
  • What's Bikram/"Hot" Yoga & Is It Right for Me?
  • What's Kundalini Yoga & Is It Right for Me?
  • Yin vs. Restorative Yoga
  • SECTION 3: Step 3: Learn to Love Playing it Safe
  • Ahimsa - Non-Violence
  • 2 Big Secrets to Staying Safe in Yoga
  • 6 Tips to Avoid Injury
  • Modifications in Practice
  • Yoga for Pregnancy etc.
  • SECTION 4: Demystifying Studio Classes, Chanting and Props
  • Your First Studio Yoga Class: What to Expect
  • Your First Studio Yoga Class: Quick Intro to Poses
  • Your First Studio Class: What to Wear and Bring
  • Your First Studio Class: How to Pay
  • What's the Deal with Chanting & Do I Have to Chant?
  • SECTION 5: Step 4: Become the Master of Your Breath
  • Full Complete Breath Tutorial
  • Ujayi Breath Tutorial
  • Breath of Fire Tutorial
  • Alternate Nostril Breath Tutorial
  • SECTION 6: Step 5: Be Your Own Amazing Teacher
  • Workshop 1: Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  • Workshop 2: Down Dog, Plank & Upward Facing Dog
  • Workshop 3: Seven Alternatives to Chaturanga (Avoid Injury!)
  • Workshop 4: The Difference between Neutral and Externally Rotated Poses
  • SECTION 7: Step 6: Your Most Powerful Tool: Meditation
  • How to Meditate: 7-Minutes of Gratitude Guided Meditation
  • Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts
  • How to Meditate: 12-Minutes of Self Love Guided Meditation
  • Meditate for Sleep: Deep Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
  • SECTION 8: Step 7: Practice At Home
  • A 7-Min Morning Sequence
  • 30 Minute Flow for Sweetness & Ease
  • Immune Boosting Yoga Sequence
  • Hip Opening Yoga Class
  • Easy at-Home Stretches You Can Do with a Foam Roller
  • Open Your Heart Vinyasa Flow
  • SECTION 9: Additional Materials
  • Extra Yoga Resources + Keep In Touch
  • Yoga for Strength & Length (Premium Class)
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