Financial Accounting Basics - Financial Accounting Concepts

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Financial Accounting in a practical approach to help participants develop Accounting credence needed in Finance Industry

This Course on Financial Accounting explains Accounting concepts with a practical approach, the way it is done and required in the finance industry. It helps participants build and develop the much-needed Accounting credence. The course introduces financial statements with a simple case study.

It explains key Accounting and financial concepts, tools and techniques. The focus of the course is on interpreting financial statements with authority and flair. This is a customized course to address all critical Accounting and Finance needs for Professionals and Students.

This finance training course will be extremely helpful to mid-to-senior level professionals from non-financial domains like Marketing, IT, Purchase, Production, Project and Human resources. As these professionals move up the career value chain, it becomes imperative for them to inculcate key financial skills like translating business performance in financial terms, comprehending top-lines and bottom-lines and developing the uncanny knack to think numbers on their feet. Given that this is a special course designed for Non-Finance Managers, it does not call for any financial qualification.

This is an ideal course for students, professionals in the area of HR, Marketing, Strategy, Sales etc. The high point of this course is its simple and easy way of explanation of the concepts. Every participant taking this course will enjoy it.

Note: edu CBA has 2 parts on Financial Accounting courses, part 1 and Part 2. Also, we have combined these 2 parts to form a comprehensive course on Accounting under CFA Level I Accounting Module.

Instructor: Mr. Dheeraj V. (CFA, FRM, IIML, IITD)

Dheeraj, A financial wizard, His relentless pursuit of knowledge and financial acumen has made him one of the most sought after individual in the training circles. He was associated with J.P Morgan Chase Equity Research Group as an analyst and later moved to CLSA India (Asia’s #1 Broking Firm) in the field of Equity Research and Investment Banking domain.

Website: - edu CBA

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  • What are the requirements?
    • The course starts from Scratch and hence does not require any pre-requirements. However, someone with basic finance knowledge will find it very easy to understand
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 85 lectures and 7.5 hours of content!
    • The objective of the Course is to introduce Accounting and financial concept in a simple and lucid manner to help participants build and develop the much-needed Accounting and Finance credence.
  • What is the target audience?
    • Professionals from the field of Finance, Marketing, Strategy, HR etc
    • Any Finance and Accounting Beginner
    • This program is for everyone interested in Finance
    • Mid-Level to Executive Managers, Students from all Streams

SECTION 1: Introduction
  • Introduction
  • SECTION 2: Income Statement
  • Financial Statements - Fiscal Year vs Calendar Year
  • Income Statement Format
  • Calculating Profit Margins
  • Non Recurring Items
  • Changes in Accounting Estimates
  • Final Remarks
  • Revenue Recognition - Percentage Completion & Completed Contract
  • Revenue Recognition - Installment Method & Cost Recovery
  • Depreciation Expense
  • Income Statements
  • SECTION 3: Income Statement - Colgate
  • Downloading Colgate's Income Statement
  • Analyst format of Colgate's Income Statement
  • Formatting the Income Statement
  • Investigating the Non-recurring charges
  • Seperating non-recurring Items
  • Comparision of Margins - before and after adjustments
  • SECTION 4: Balance Sheet
  • Introduction to Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheets
  • SECTION 5: Current Assets
  • Introduction to Current Assets
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents - Colgate, P&G, Microsoft
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Receivables Case Study
  • Inventory
  • Inventory - Case Study
  • Inventory - LCM
  • Inventory - Colgate
  • Inventory Valuations
  • Inventory Valuation - Recap
  • Prepaid Expenses
  • Other Current Assets - Colgate
  • Current Assets
  • SECTION 6: Financial Reporting Standards
  • Financial Reporting Standards
  • Financial Reporting Standards
  • SECTION 7: Current Liabilties
  • Current Liabilities
  • Current Liabilities - Colgate
  • SECTION 8: Long Term Assets
  • Long Term Assets
  • Introduction to Goodwill
  • Pooling Method of Accounting
  • Purchase Method of Accounting
  • Goodwill Impairment
  • Long Term Investments Part 1
  • Long Term Investments Part 2
  • Long Term Investments - Example
  • Long Term Assets
  • SECTION 9: Long Term Liabilities
  • Long Term Liabilities
  • Long Term Liabilities - Risk Profile
  • Long Term Liabilities
  • SECTION 10: Shareholder's Equity
  • Introduction to Shareholder's Equity
  • Common Stock - Par value and APIC
  • Treasury Stock or Shares
  • Retained Earnings & Dividends
  • Additional Other Comprehensive Income
  • Introduction to Preference Shares
  • MacDonald's Shareholder's Equity
  • Dividends - Types
  • Cash and Property Dividend - Example
  • Stock Dividends
  • Small & Large Stock Dividends - Example
  • Stock Split
  • SECTION 11: Earnings Per Share
  • Introduction to EPS
  • Basic EPS example
  • Calculating Weighted Average Shares
  • Effect of Stock Dividends and Stock Splits
  • Simple vs Complex Structures
  • Preferred Convertible Shares Dilution
  • Preferred Convertible Shares Dilution - Example
  • Anti-dilutive Preferred Convertible Shares
  • Convertible Debt Dilution
  • Convertible Debt Dilution - Example
  • Anti-dilutive Convertible Debt
  • Stock Options
  • Treasury Stock Method
  • Stock Option Dilution - Example
  • Comprehensive Example
  • Earnings Per Share
  • SECTION 12: Cash Flows
  • Introduction to Cash Flows
  • CFO - Direct Method - 1
  • CFO - Direct Method - 2
  • CFO - Direct Method - Example
  • CFO - Indirect Method
  • CFO - Indirect Method - Example
  • CFI
  • CFF
  • Comprehensive Example - CFO - Direct Method - 1
  • Comprehensive Example - CFO - Direct Method - 2
  • Comprehensive Example - CFO - Indirect Method
  • Comprehensive Example - CFI
  • Comprehensive Example - CFF
  • Comprehensive Example - Ending Cash Balance
  • Cash Flows
  • SECTION 13: Conclusion
  • Conclusion
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