Getting Started in Photography



Getting Started in Photography is a course designed to give beginners a solid background in photography as a career and help them do everything from buying their first camera to finding their first clients.

Here is what you will learn in the course.

You will learn about different career opportunities in photography.

You will learn how to buy your first camera.

You will learn how to find your first client.

You will learn about how to price your work and manage clients.

This is NOT a course designed to teach you the technical aspects of photography, but rather teach you the business and career aspects of becoming a photographer.

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners intersted in photography

  • A camera
  • A willingness to learn

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn about different career opportunities in photography
  • Buy your first camera
  • Choose between studying photography at college or learning independently
  • Find your first client
  • Learn how to price your work and manage clients
  • Learn how to find and apply for photography grants

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 35 Lectures 01:32:27 + – Introduction 1 Lecture 00:29 This is the introduction for the course.
Course Introduction 00:29 + – Career Opportunities in Photography 4 Lectures 08:44 This lecture discusses what your life will be like working as a photographer.
Your Job as a Photographer 03:21 This is a lecture that discusses some of the specialties in photography.
Specialties in Photography 02:13 This a lecture that discusses some of the opportunities and professions related to photography.
Related Opportunities 03:03 This is an assignment that encourages you do some research on the photography industry.
Preliminary Research 00:07 + – Buying Your Gear 5 Lectures 17:09 Digital vs Film 08:14 The Bare Essentials Preview 05:03 Bonus Gear 03:41 Where to Buy Your Photography Gear 1 page Homework Assignment 1: Buying Your First Camera 00:11 + – How to Learn Photography 11 Lectures 26:47 This lecture discusses the advantages and disadvantages of college and university photography programs.
College and University Photography Programs 05:47 This is a list of college and university photography programs.
College and University Photography Programs 00:10 Teaching Yourself 02:08 This lecture discusses online photography courses.
Online Courses 02:21 This provides links to the online photography tutorials and videos discussed in the previous lecture.
Online Photography Tutorials and Videos 1 page This is a lecture designed to help you learn basic photography terms and principles.
Homework Assignment 2: Understand Basic Photography Principles and Terms 00:50 This lecture explains how to work as a photographer's assistant.
Working as an Assistant 05:36 This lecture provides some helpful online resources to help you become a photographer's assistant.
Resources on Becoming a Photographer's Assistant 00:07 This lecture explains how you can build your photography portfolio even if you do not have any assignments.
Buliding Your Portfolio Preview 08:45 This lecture explains the value of personal projects.
The Value of Personal Projects 00:46 This assignment is designed to help you get started building your portfolio.
Homework Assignment 3: Build Your Portfolio 00:15 + – The Business Side of Photography 10 Lectures 25:29 This lecture explains how to get your first client.
How to Get Your First Client 01:25 This lecture explains how to manage your photography clients.
Managing Clients 03:03 This assignment is designed to help you find your first client.
Homework Assignment 4: Find Your First Client 00:06 This lecture talks about how to brand yourself.
Branding Yourself 02:48 This lecture goes into even more detail about how to brand yourself as a photographer.
Branding Yourself Part 2 06:58 This lecture explains how to promote yourself as a photographer.
Promoting Your Work 03:21 This is a homework assignment designed to help you market your work.
Homework Assignment 5: Marketing Yourself as a Photographer 00:07 This lecture explains how to price your work.
Pricing Your Work 06:45 This assignment is designed to help you price your work appropriately.
Homework Assignment 6: Pricing Your Work 00:33 This is a list of business resources and information for photographers.
Businesses and Information for Photographers 00:22 + – Photography Grant Information 3 Lectures 01:57 This lecture explains why you should apply for photography grants and how to find them.
Photography Grants 01:49 This is a list of photography grant resources.
Photography Grant Resources 1 page This is a homework assignment designed to help you find photography grants.
Homework Assignment 7: Photography Grants 00:08 + – Conclusion 1 Lecture 00:08 This is the conclusion of the course.
Farewell 00:08
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