Guest Blogging Blueprint: Multiply Your Traffic & Influence



In this course, I share everything I've learned from writing for 50+ companies & authors on hundreds of guest posts that have driven millions of targeted visitors.

Every step is laid out. From how to choose your blog topics, how to find bloggers and I even give you email templates to use when reaching out to bloggers for guest posts.

This student got his first post within a few days of starting the course:

"In just a few days after enrolling the course and take action to implement the lessons, I got my first guest post accepted from high quality blog. Now I'm working on the second guest post, because I have got another good response from another high quality blog." -Muhamad G.

ADDED BONUS: ($289 Value) When you purchase this course, you will receive the following at no extra charge.

  • NEW Bonus list of 140+ high authority blogs accepting guest posts
  • The complete PDF Ebook
  • 2 NEW bonus modules

Think about your ideal customer. Who do they trust? What blogs do they read every day? If you don't know, that's ok. I'm going to show you exactly how to find out, then I'll show you how to use that information to grow your business.

I work with businesses across every industry and the one strategy that is consistently overlooked is guest blogging.

There is no better (or faster) way to gain the trust of your customers than having a website that they trust feature you and your ideas in a guest blog post.

My approach to finding, pitching and getting featured on these websites isn't magical - It generates results.

In this course I will show you the EXACT strategies I've used to double, and in many cases, triple the number of new leads for myself and my clients.

After this course, you'll know how to:

  • Identify the blogs your customers visit most
  • Get featured on those sites - You'll even receive email scripts
  • Save time by avoiding the wrong blogs - I'll show you how to spot the red flags
  • Pick a guest topic that will position you as the expert you are
  • The right way and the disastrous way to promote your guest posts

Why did I create this?

It would be easy for me to keep everything to myself and let everyone else try and figure out what I've spent years developing. And I'd probably make a lot more money. But one of my fundamental values is to help as many businesses as possible.

So since I can't take on every business as a client, I've done the next best thing. This course is packed with bite-sized action steps that you can use immediately. And you WILL see results. If you don't or you're unhappy for any reason - let me know within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund no questions asked.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

The first big guest posting push I helped create for a client using Joel's system landed a post on ProBlogger and dozens of other great sites. - Will Hoekenga

By applying the practices found in these lessons, I have increased traffic, personal productivity, and have been inspired beyond measure. You need this! -Lyle Phillips

Joel did a splendid job of putting together a well-structured and actionable guide for guest blogging. The course is jam-packed with information and fully prepares someone to take on the world of guest posting. He offers real world viable examples and templates to get the party started. I'd never heard of some of the tools that he presents in the course. There are a couple that I hadn't thought of -- but you'll have to see for yourself. Fortunately, they're easily picked up and easily shareable with the rest of the population. It is indeed a reasonable blueprint for conquering the guest posting world. -Seth Czerepak Master VDT Business Practitioner and Owner of Penetration Media

Yes, I realize that you can take the entire course, implement what I teach to land your first guest post and still ask for a refund...but I'm trusting you to be cool. :)

You have nothing to lose. I'm looking forward to seeing you inside!


Who is the target audience?
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Authors and speakers
  • Small business owners
  • Service based businesses
  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • Digital and information product creators
  • Bloggers growing their audience

  • Internet access and email account
  • A website is preferred but not required

What Will I Learn?
  • Earn credibility by becoming a published author on multiple websites
  • Create Excellent content that bloggers will want to publish and share with their audience
  • Build high quality inbound links for your website to increase organic traffic
  • Get qualified traffic through guest posting on other blogs

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 17 Lectures 02:50:51 + – Day 1 2 Lectures 23:28 Welcome! In this session we go through what is included in this course, the best way to go through it and how to use the Momentum Builders at the end of each module. Let's get started! 

One more thing!

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Introduction & What You Can Expect From This Course Preview 08:16

We are going to started out be defining exactly what we want to use guest blogging for. To do that, we need to define our goals. We'll cover How to set effective goals and a few examples of different types of goals.

The Secret To Getting Your First Guest Post 15:12 + – Day 2 1 Lecture 07:35 In this module we talk about how to define the best audience to achieve the goals you just set. We do that by brainstorming the keywords related to your industry.  How To Get The Best Guest Posts By Narrowing Your Search Focus 07:35 + – Day 3 2 Lectures 37:46 Today we go hands on and learn the first 3 search techniques to start identifying the best blogs to guest post on. These search techniques will not only help you with guest blogging, but with any type of research you do online.  Here Are All My Secret Blog Search Techniques Part 1 Preview 18:50 Here we cover the last 3 search techniques to help you find the absolute best guest blogging opportunities! You can download the PDF of this as well.  Here Are All My Secret Blog Search Techniques Part 2 18:56 + – Day 4 2 Lectures 20:50 How do you find the perfect guest posting opportunity? I walk you through a step-by-step example showing you exactly how to qualify any guest blog in this module.  How To Find The BEST Bloggers For Your Guest Posts 07:17 Now that we know how to find the best guest post sites, we need to make sure we know the sites we're writing for are the highest quality. This will teach you how to avoid sites that may look enticing but could turn out to be bad for your brand and traffic in the long run.   Red Flags: Avoid These Types of Blogs At All Costs Or Google Will Penalize You 13:33 + – Day 5 1 Lecture 19:07 In this module we'll learn how to write a great guest post. We'll cover 

  1. How to quickly learn any blog's writing style 
  2. How to generate great ideas for blog posts and write them
  3. How to adapt to and find guest post guidelines on any blog
Secrets For Choosing The Perfect Topic For Your Guest Post 19:07 + – Day 6 3 Lectures 34:56 Now you're ready to pitch your guest post! We'll go through 
  1. How to gather all the info you need for your pitch 
  2. How to write your pitch (Don't forget email templates are included to download and use)
  3. Tools to make pitching guest blogs easier to manage
  4. How to scale the pitching process 

The Best Way To Pitch Your Guest Posts And Get Them Accepted 16:14 In this lesson we cover everything you need to do after you pitch your post and it gets accepted. Including: 

  1. How to follow up with the blogger 
  2. How to build and keep a relationship with the blogger 
  3. How to promote your guest post 
IMPORTANT: These Marketing Strategies Are The Only Way To Get Your Posts Traffic 18:24

I want to hear from you!

Answer This One Question 00:18 + – You Made it! (And Download These Awesome Resources) 3 Lectures 00:44 Downloadable Email Templates You Can Use 3 pages Guest Blogging Research Template 00:04 Conclusion You Made It! 00:39 + – Bonus Downloads & Videos 3 Lectures 22:34

I’ve had a lot of students asked recently about the changes going on in guest blogging so I created a video to explain exactly what’s going on and how it affects you.

In this bonus video, we’ll cover:

  1. Is guest blogging really dead?
  2. 4 things you should NOT do when guest blogging
  3. How to drive more traffic than ever with guest blogging
How Guest Blogging Strategies Have Changed in 2014 07:52

This is the bonus list of blogs accepting guest posts to get you started! You can also download it in Excel in the downloadable materials section.

HUGE BONUS Guest Blogger List of 140+ High Authority Blogs 00:53

This is an over-the-shoulder look at how I find guest blogs and how I found the bonus list of bloggers.

BONUS: Over-The-Shoulder Look at Finding Guest Bloggers 13:49
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