Marketing: How to Market Yourself as a Coach or Consultant



Please note if you've already taken my course, How to Brand Yourself and Your Business, one module of this course covers the same Branding process. If you've already completed that course please know that you will find tons of new content in this course, but you may choose to skip the Branding module.

This comprehensive course teaches you everything you need to know, and do, to set up your independent coaching or consulting business for success.

If you're trying to become a coach or consultant, positioning your expertise and marketing yourself properly is the key to finding and retaining clients.

This course is designed help you find your niche, the right clients, and your way to financial viability.

"I made my first $3000 within just a month of taking Debbie's class, even though this is a completely different type of consulting work for me than I've been doing the last 8 years."

~Aspiratech Training

Sell Your Expertise and Build Your Business by Marketing Yourself Effectively

  • Package Your Services so they're attractive to new clients
  • Find Your Niche and eliminate the competition
  • Create a Strong Brand so you stand out and get noticed
  • Write Compelling Marketing Copy so prospects take action
  • Develop an Effective Marketing Plan to attract new clients
  • Sell Your Services in a way that's comfortable & effective

Put Your Unique Experiences to Work for You

The boom in the life coaching industry, the health and wellness coaching industry, and the consulting industry means clients have many choices when choosing the right coach or consultant.

To set yourself apart, you need a unique brand positioning and a strong market presence, so you can attract the right kind of clients. If you're just starting out in a coaching business or consulting career, this course will help you package your services and brand yourself, so your business is more attractive to potential clients.

This comprehensive course will not only teach you what you need to do to distinguish yourself as a coach or consultant, it provides simple exercises that walk you through each step.

Whether you're just starting out, or you're stepping up, you'll learn the most effective ways to attract and engage with prospects and clients, build an email list, generate word of mouth, and create a successful marketing plan and profitable business.

Content and Overview

This course starts by taking stock of your unique attributes, skills, experience, and expertise to help you determine the right niche for your business. You'll identify your ideal client and uncover what you're really selling.

You will learn how to design your products and services, including picking a business model, designing a signature program and doing a financial viability test to make sure your business will be profitable. Then, you'll create a focused marketing message and a custom marketing plan, and you will define your unique and compelling brand.

Because getting clients is critical to your success, this course focuses on not just finding potential customers but how to get them to take action.

This course will help you build your personal brand and develop your business as a consultant or coach. After taking this course, you will be able to market your skills and authentically set yourself apart from everyone else who does what you do. You're one of a kind and this course helps you market your unique talents so your business can succeed.

Who is the target audience?
  • Independent coaches and consultants who are not reaching their business goals, or who do not know how to best market themselves.
  • Individuals who are considering starting an independent coaching or consulting business and are unsure how to set up the business or market themselves effectively.

  • Computer with an Internet connection.
  • PDF reading software, such as free Adobe Reader.
  • Experience, expertise, training and/or certification that qualifies you to be an independent coach or consultant.

What Will I Learn?
  • Uncover the best niche for you and your business
  • Identify your ideal client so you know exactly WHO to market to
  • Know the best business model and revenue strategy so you can reach your financial and lifestyle goals
  • Package your services so they best serve your clients and you/your business
  • Develop your Core Marketing Message so you know exactly what to say in your marketing to attract your best clients
  • Design a custom marketing plan to reach your specific goals
  • Develop compelling marketing copy points you can use in all your marketing to effectively attract your ideal clients
  • Uncover a unique and compelling brand that you love, and that sets you apart from everyone else who does what you do
  • Know you have a financially viable business and understand exactly what it will take to reach your financial goals
  • Know exactly how to build your business around you so you know you'll enjoy it
  • Know exactly how to make sure your business, programs and services, brand, and marketing message connect and resonate with your ideal clients so they can't wait to work with you
  • Have an automated lead-generation system in place to funnel prospects into your business
  • Know how to sell in a manner that is comfortable and extremely effective so you can turn prospects into paying clients
  • Know how to track and fine-tune your business and marketing over time so it continues to work better and better the longer you're in business

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 30 Lectures 03:53:10 + – Introduction 1 Lecture 05:57 This lecture provides an introduction to the seven steps and content that will be covered in this course, so you know what to expect.
Introduction Preview 05:57 + – About Your Instructor & This Course 1 Lecture 03:31 About Your Instructor & This Course Preview 03:31 + – Step One: Finding Out About You 4 Lectures 30:09

A brief introduction to what we'll cover in Step One.

Step One Introduction 00:30 This lecture provides a description and instructions for completing The Toolbox Inventory: a process for collecting all the relevant education, experience, and expertise you bring into your business, that will help you custom design a business, brand, and marketing that best represent you and what you do for people, and that will stand out in the marketplace. It also includes The Toolbox Inventory Worksheet so you may complete your own inventory.
The Toolbox Inventory 08:10 This lecture provides a description and instructions for completing your own Personal Business Style Assessment, a process that will help ensure you're designing a business and marketing that you will enjoy and that will work. This process helps you custom design your business and marketing so both effectively attract your ideal clients and help you reach your goals in the most efficient and enjoyable manner possible. This lecture also includes a handout that further explains the Personal Business Style Assessment, along with a worksheet so you may complete your own assessment.
Personal Business Style Assessment 14:43 This lecture provides a description and instructions for identifying your Core Values so you can design a business, brand, and marketing that authentically represent you and those values, and so you attract clients you will enjoy working with. It also includes the Core Values Worksheet so you may identify your Core Values as they apply to your business.
Your Core Values 06:46 + – Step Two: Finding Your Niche 3 Lectures 19:23

A brief introduction to Step Two.

Step Two Introduction 00:30 This lecture provides a description, instructions, and an example to help you identify and define your ideal client, so you can design a business, brand, marketing that connect and resonate with, and attract, those ideal clients. It also includes the Ideal Client Profile Worksheet so you may develop a description of your ideal client.
Identifying Your Ideal Client 08:33 This lecture provides a description, and a simple process for transforming your ideal client's pains or desires (the reason they need your services) into client-focused, specific and tangible results and benefits to use in your marketing. This process is invaluable in helping ensure you're NOT talking about your process or what you do (your clients don't care about that) in your marketing, but rather that you're talking about what you can do FOR your clients (what they DO care about), so your marketing will work! It also includes the Pain-Promise Worksheet so you may go through this simple, three-step process yourself, and identify what you're really selling, so you can market it.
Uncovering What You're Really Selling 10:20 + – Step Three: Designing Your Business, Products & Services 4 Lectures 33:30

A brief introduction to Step Three.

Step Three Introduction 00:30 There are many ways you can package your services as a coach, consultant, or other service professional selling your expertise. This lecture identifies the most popular ways and will help you select the best match for you. It also includes an ebook with descriptions of the most popular business models/revenue strategies for coaches and consultants, along with criteria to help you select the model that fits you best.
Picking a Business Model 10:37

This lecture will help you package your services into one main program that best serves your clients, and helps you reach your financial and lifestyle goals. By designing one, main signature program, you will know exactly what to market and you will have the focus necessary for your marketing and sales efforts to be effective. This lecture also includes a worksheet that walks you through the five steps you'll want to take to design your signature program.

Designing Your Signature Program 12:00 This lecture will help you determine if the business model, signature program, and pricing you've set up are viable and can get you to your goals. And if not, it will help you determine what changes need to be made to ensure your business can be profitable. This is a crucial step to help you avoid investing time and money trying to market a business that is not viable. This lecture also includes the Financial Viability Test Worksheet that walks you through five simple steps you can take to ensure the viability of your business, along with a handout that shows examples of Revenue Projections that you can use to project your cash-flow and revenue.
Doing a Financial Viability Test 10:23 + – Step Four: Creating Your Marketing Message 3 Lectures 21:33 Step Four Introduction 00:30 This lecture explains the concept of a Core Marketing Message and how it can help you authentically and effectively market yourself as a coach or consultant. It also explains why Elevator Pitches or Elevator Speeches do NOT work, and why the Core Marketing Message is a better approach. Additionally, it will help you develop a variety of Supporting Marketing Copy Points you can use to create all of your marketing materials, including your website. And, it includes the Core Marketing Message Worksheet and a Supporting Copy Point Builder to help you easily create your marketing copy.
Your Core Marketing Message 13:59 This video demonstrates why it is so important to make sure your marketing message is focused, and what happens when it is not (a common problem in marketing created by coaches, consultants, and other service professionals who have not been taught how to market effectively). Plus, it will probably make you laugh!
Demonstrating the Importance of Focus Preview 07:04 + – Step Five: Branding Your Business 5 Lectures 41:49 Step Five Introduction 00:31 This lecture walks you through the first step in developing a unique and compelling brand identity that will set you apart from everyone else who does what you do--a critical step in being able to effectively market your services. It also includes the Brand Discovery Questionnaire so you may go through the Brand Discovery process yourself, and two Branding Ebooks to help you better understand what branding is, how to apply it to your coaching or consulting business, AND to inspire you!

Brand Discovery 14:28

This lecture will help you develop a brand name to represent the brand platform you identified in the previous lecture and exercise. It walks you through four brainstorming techniques to kick-start the creative process and make it easier to develop a unique, compelling, and appropriate brand name to market your business under. It also includes the Brand Brainstorming Techniques Handout that outlines the four brainstorming processes in detail, and includes examples of brand names representing each technique.

Brand Brainstorming 06:03 This lecture will provide you with some free resources you can use to research the brand names you come up with, to make sure no one else is using them. Additionally, it explains why you should take steps to protect your brand name, and provides several avenues for doing so. It also includes the Brand Research and Protection Handout, with details for where and how you can research potential brand names, and protect the name you finally choose.
Brand Research and Protection 10:40

This lecture explains how to implement your brand across your entire business and marketing so you can avoid having a brand that is merely "gift wrap" (which is not an effective way to brand yourself or your business). It walks you through a simple exercise that will make it easy to brand your business, your signature program, and your marketing, as well as providing a checklist to make implementing your brand foolproof.

Want a little more branding help?
Check out my How to Brand Yourself and Your Business

course right here on Udemy. Because you've already invested in this course, I'd like to offer you a discount on that course. I created a standalone Branding course because I know branding is one of the most challenging marketing tasks service pro's face. So if you got what you need in this course, that's awesome. But if not, I wanted you to know more help is available.

Just click here to learn more about my Branding course and to enroll for just $49

Or use Coupon Code: HOW2MKT49 Brand Implementation 10:07 + – Step Six: Designing Your Marketing Plan 3 Lectures 18:44

A brief introduction to Step Six.

Step Six Introduction 00:29

This lecture provides an overview and assessment of a wide variety of marketing activities that are commonly used by coaches, consultants, and other service professionals, and helps you pick the best activities for marketing your business. It includes an ebook with details on all of the marketing activities covered, along with criteria to help you determine if each activity is a good choice for you and your business.

More Tactical Marketing Help

You may want to also check out my course, How to Use Content Marketing to Become Known as an Expert, right here on Udemy. Content Marketing is all about marketing yourself by sharing information. It's a great way to become known and attract clients who are seeking out the exact expertise you offer. In the course I teach you 11 different content marketing strategies, along with all the information and resources you need to get started using any or all of them.

Because you've already invested in this course, I'd like to offer you a discount on that course. Just click here to learn more and to enroll for just $24.

Or use Coupon Code: HOW2MKT24

Picking Your Marketing Activities 07:56 This lecture explains why it's important to have a marketing plan, and why a 90-day plan is preferable to a 12-month plan. It provides tips for creating your plan, along with a sample plan you can use as an example to help you create yours.
Mapping Out Your 90-Day Marketing Plan 10:19 + – Step Seven: Getting Clients 5 Lectures 54:32

A brief introduction to Step Seven.

Step Seven Introduction 00:31 This lecture walks you through the first step in a four-step client attraction and conversion process. It shows you how to attract the clients you have reached through your marketing plan, and bring them into your business. This lecture also includes an ebook that details all four steps and provides examples and resources to help you implement each of the four steps.
Client Attraction: Bringing Prospects into Your Business 12:56 This lecture walks you through step two in the four-step client attraction process. It shows you how to engage the prospects you've attracted, and how to get them to take action.
Engagement: Getting Prospects to Take Action 10:25 This lecture walks you through step three in the four-step client attraction process. It shows you how to set up an automated follow-up system that will help your prospects get to know you and your services, and encourage them to take the next step toward becoming a paying client.
Follow-Up: Building a Relationship with Your Prospects 14:04 This lecture walks you through step four in the four-step client attraction process. It shows you how to convert the prospects you have attracted into paying clients. It outlines a sales process known as The Complimentary Consultation, which is the most effective way to obtain coaching and consulting clients. It also includes an ebook with details on the 10 steps that should be taken in a Complimentary Consultation in order to effectively take a prospect from "interested" to "invested." And it shares how to close the sale, in a way that is comfortable and does not feel "salesy" at all. It also includes a Consultation Tracking Worksheet you can use to track your calls and use to improve your closing percentage.
Conversion: Turning Prospects into Paying Clients 16:36 + – Conclusion 1 Lecture 04:02 This lecture summarizes all seven steps taught in this course and will help you determine if you need to go back and spend any more time on a specific step before completing the course. It also includes additional resources if you find you need more help designing, marketing, or branding your business. Also included is a complete Resource List in PDF format, featuring all of the resources shared throughout this course, plus a few bonus resources you may find helpful. Happy Marketing!
Summary and Recap 04:02
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