On-Line Business Marketing Revealed by Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips, Udemy

Discover The Secrets Of How To Use The Power Of The Internet And The Incredible Reach Of Social media

Get Your Business On-Line - OVER 9 HOURS Of Tutorial Video

Join Andy Phillips and Host Simon Zutshi
 in this incredible Business Marketing On-Line Coaching Program and Discover!! the secrets behind successful and Sustainable On-Line Business Marketing…. Use the techniques some of the top Internet and Online Marketers use!!

It doesn’t matter if you are an Big Established Business, a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), a Start-up, an Entrepreneur or looking to Internet Marketing as a way of making residual passive income. Every single business, no matter what size needs to use the Internet and related Business Marketing to Increase AwarenessCreate Laser Targeted Leads and of course Increase Sales!!!


“I am currently working with Andy on improving the web presence of my business. He is a diligent and knowledgeable operator with a proven track record on the subjects of marketing & the internet. In addition, Andy has integrity as well as a great sense of humor. I can highly recommend his services.” 

PLUS Bonus Webinar - Do People R.A.V.E. About Your Business

Monique Rom

“Andy Philips is an easy to work with guy. He understands what you say and teaches in a simple, easy to understand and clear manner. He offers huge amounts of information and within the internet marketing arena and his website is useful for lots of information too. He comes highly recommended in his field of expertise and I pass on that recommendation to you all here.” 

John Regis

“Had the pleasure of meeting and learning from Andy on a 2 day personal mentorship. As a complete novice, Andy took through the process of identifying Google keywords that would optimize my website in addition to purchasing; hosting and maintaining the website back office. Andy also thinks out of the box and came up with many creative ideas of how I could monetize and attract visitors to my site. I'm also secure in the knowledge that should I need it, Andy is available to support and guide me in the future”

Lesley Green

  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 26 lectures and 9 hours of content!

  • On-Line Business Marketing Revealed Introduction Video
  • SECTION 1: On-Line Fundamentals
  • Module 1 - Foundations
  • Module 2 - Traffic And Conversion
  • Module 3 – Product Isolation
  • Module 4 – Customer Profiling
  • Module 5 – Keyword Research
  • SECTION 2: Abundance Marketing
  • Introduction To Abundance Marketing
  • Module 6 – Abundance
  • Module 7 – SEO
  • Module 8 – Social Media
  • Module 9 – Video & Webinars
  • Module 10 – Leads And Conversion
  • SECTION 3: Products And Promotion
  • Module 11 – Product Creation Part 1
  • Module 11 – Product Creation Part 2
  • Module 12 – FREE Premium Product
  • Module 13 – Autoresponders
  • Module 14 – Bridge To Offer
  • Module 15 – eMail Marketing Strategy
  • SECTION 4: Create Your Strategy
  • Module 16 – Campaign Creation
  • Module 17 – Planning Tools
  • Module 18 – Strategic Thinking
  • Module 19 – Implementation & Monitoring
  • Module 20 – Next Steps
  • SECTION 5: Bonus Digital Cascade Webinar
  • Digital Cascade Webinar Part 1
  • Digital Cascade Webinar Part 2
  • Digital Cascade Webinar Part 3
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