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No matter what type of yoga you teach now, if you want to be one of the most magnetic, knowledgable teachers around, and rise to the top of the crop, you cannot miss out on the uber-valuable information contained in this training that you won’t get anywhere else!

Join me, Sadie Nardini, a teacher who started out with 5-10 students in most classes, who couldn’t get a prime time class unless I subbed for some more popular instructor, and who now rocks it in front of hundreds of eager students in some of the largest conferences and studios in the world.

I went from being an unknown teacher in the huge, competitive pond of New York City to one of the rising faces in the yoga world, making DVDs for Gaiam, publishing books and teaching at the Yoga Journal Conferences. I still pinch myself sometimes.

But I’m not some charmed yogini whom Lady Luck happened to take by the hand. There is a process to shining like the rockstar you already are, so brightly that more students and opportunities are attracted to you than you can believe. Ever since I learned the tools, and started using them, I’ve been on a steady rocket ship boost to pure prosperity and passionate living, every day.

A sweet side effect is that my income has risen by about 1000% since my days struggling to get people into my classes.

I did it, and I can teach you what you need to be able to do it, too.

The Rockstar Teacher Training is the secret weapon of a growing number of instructors of all styles, ages, abilities and levels. You don’t have to be loud or want to be a yoga star to be a Rockstar. This training meets you where you are, then empowers you to take whatever style of teaching you love, and turn it up to 11 in how much more effective and clear (and inspiringly fun) it will become for your students.

With more students and larger classes, your world opens up to workshops, retreats, DVDs, even trainings of your own, and much more! But you have to know what your students really want, most of all: A teacher who is vibrant, knows more about the body than most, moves it in a specific way that people resonate with more, and who can share all of this in an exciting, creative way.

You have to Rock Who You Are.

Not only that, but at the end of your training, which you can take all the time you want to complete--I will give you a coveted certification in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga that you can add to your bio, start calling your classes CSV Yoga, or just take the information that works for you, and use it to turboboost your existing style! It’s all good.

Becoming a Rockstar is simple! Just watch, and learn.

Join Sadie for her fantastic, 40-hour RockstarTeacher Training, the video portion of which was filmed live at Kripalu, one of the premier mind/body centers in the country! With this information, you’ll be a step ahead of the curve.

Watch at your own pace, and receive a Certification in Sadie’s Style, to compliment your existing certification or style. Plus, get 10 hours of Continuing Ed Credits through Yoga Alliance or count all 40 hours toward your 200-hour training under Non-Contact Hours in Anatomy, Technique, Philosophy and more!

Specifically, you’ll get:

  • Beautifully shot video of Sadie’s weeklong Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training-you feel like you’re right there with the group!
  • Begin with Sadie’s Core Conversations, where she details the focus for the session ahead. There is often a skeleton involved.
  • 8 full Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga flow classes to observe Sadie teaching and sequencing for more ideas for your own classes--see how Sadie integrates the knowledge into real time. You can watch, or do the classes and get your yoga workout in while you learn!
And more:
  • New-generation anatomy sessions that teach not single muscles but muscle meridians, our holistic power centers, something every yoga instructor must know about in order to be the most effective teacher.
  • How to powerfully use the newly-discovered myofascial meridians to build instant strength and avoid common injury pitfalls in the yoga postures.
  • An in-depth study of what it takes to properly ground, support, core-connect to and express from every pose.
  • Mistakes teachers often make in cueing classes, and misalignments students commonly do by instructing and doing yoga from the more superficial meridians.
  • How to switch the focus of a yoga practice and teaching from outer to inner.
  • Sadie’s Core Poses, new moves that counter-balance and deeply strengthen your usual routine.
  • Core yoga philosophies of transformation and Self-centering, and how to parallel them in a physical practice--and in your life, to effect total transformation and empowerment.
  • Alignment information for how to put the elusive “core” back into all the poses, making even the most challenging like Crow, Handstand and Headstand much more possible.
  • A game-changing conversation about Finding Your Voice, Discovering Your Core Message, and Sequencing From the Core. Your personal truth, your yoga, and your creativity will amplify in just this one session!
  • Tools to support you to develop an even stronger sense of self and Core Relationship. The more core strong you are on all levels, the more authentic and successful a rockstar you will become.

Sadie has created these Rockstar Yoga Teacher E-books for you to download, keep--and use as a huge yoga teaching resource for years to come:

Over 100 pages of revolutionary yoga information about this style of yoga, and how to use new discoveries about anatomy and alignment to exponentially improve your teaching and understanding of how the body moves on the mat. Use Sadie’s perspectives and tools with any style of yoga you do or teach now!

Learn Sadie’s Core Poses: new variations that amplify the benefits for any student! Also, you’ll discover how to instruct the Core Poses--and many commonly-taught poses too, using Sadie’s powerful 3-Part Instruction. You will be amazed at the difference in your students’ strength and capability in their practice when you start instructing in the opposite way from most teachers out there!

Sadie’s Top Core Sequencing Tips, invaluable secret tools for finding your voice, speaking from your unique Core Message, and sequencing your classes for the most powerful effect.

Who is the target audience?
  • Yoga instructors who already know the foundations of teaching yoga. This training is only available to those who are already certified by an in-person training program, who will be attending a training program soon or who are teaching public classes.

  • Previous Yoga Instructor Training
  • Pen and Paper to Take Notes
  • Yoga Mat for Class

What Will I Learn?
  • Make more money teaching yoga--much more
  • Radically improve your knowledge of anatomy and alignment in your classes
  • Draw more students to every class, becoming one of those really in-demand teachers
  • Sequence super-creatively but also intelligently (students can tell the difference)
  • Rock your truth in every way in and out of the studio
  • Discover what the Core really is and how to instruct from this powerhouse
  • Be one of the first in your area to teach from the crucial muscle meridians, therefore instructing in a way students will feel more deeply and get better results from
  • Learn common teaching and cueing mistakes and always avoid them
  • When you complete the training, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion that means you can add Rockstar Teacher Training and that you are Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga-trained to your bio (Full Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga certification is given only after completing Sadie and Tyler's in-person 200 or 300-hour Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga RYT Certification programs through Yoga Alliance).

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 28 Lectures 20:10:38 + – Welcome! 1 Lecture 00:35

Welcome to your Online Rockstar Teacher Training! I'm so glad you're here.

Make sure you have something to take notes with, and if you're going to do the yoga practices with us, prepare your mat and clothes so you can go right into the class.

If you've heard the talk before, you can use the Teacher Training videos as a more informative, personal yoga practice. Just skip directly to the practice portion if you want to get into your body, warm up, and experience firsthand how deep your inner strength can go!

 This material is really the new paradigm of teaching yoga, where we'll view the poses, and how you build and generate your actions, as a holistic thing instead of parts of the body doing more work than they should.

Let the adventure begin...and keep in touch!


P.S. Be sure to download the documents below!!

An Introduction From Sadie Preview 00:35 + – Introduction 3 Lectures 01:30:12 A Message from Sadie Nardini A Message From Sadie Preview 00:12

This is a Teacher Training in the facets of moving and living from center.

These facets will overlap and intercommunicate this week. Nothing is solo.

My intention: Tools you can apply to any style or level. To help you as a person develop a stronger sense of self, and core relationship as well as understand the poses better - the more core strong you are on all levels, the more effective.

You will get many more tools than you can use now, or some will seem more or less applicable. Yet, remember them-You may need them later.

Class format: Core Conversation (Discussion) + Experiential Flows (Practice).

Poses are Adaptable, so adapt them to meet your individual needs.

Discussion - Introduction/Welcome Preview 38:00 Practice Notes:
  • Get out of your head, into the dance and flow of life
  • Think less, feel more
  • You know more than you think
  • Hipster class: focus on hip warming and opening
Practice - A Self-Centered Flow Preview 52:00 + – Dissolving Samskaras 3 Lectures 02:40:37 A Message from Sadie Nardini A Message from Sadie 00:20

We all came here carrying something. What's your burden?

Where are you gripping?

What holds us down, or back? (fear, external coping, stories).

We are creators: all these mental constructs become physical. (tension, lack of breath, lack of healing or communication within the body's systems).

We break old habits (SAMSKARAS) by taking personal responsibility for developing resiliency.

Yoga = seeking obstacles to your freedom, and removing them.

What does this "letting go" mean in your life? What's left when you let go?

Discussion - Moving Lightly Forward 49:58 Practice - Opening the Hips, Retracting the Claws 01:50:19 + – Setting the Foundation 2 Lectures 01:55:20

Viewing experience from a master perspective, not from that of a victim.

Seeing each occurrence as a teaching, and an opportunity for you to strengthen and soften into your core.

Alchemy of yoga practitioner: turn your present moment to your advantage.

All teachers are you calling yourself to action or inaction = karma. The outcome, or your "fate" is up to you.

It's not THAT you meet the's a question of how (quality of presence) for the aware yogi.

Present moment awareness is your only power...and your foundation.

In CSV Yoga, we take 3 steps through the poses: Foundation, Core, Expression, and then keep circling back.

What are the benefits to Foundation First? = Activates Bandhas, through hands, feet and pelvis/spine, plus activated the Deep Core Line in general. More stability = more support, more power and lightness, more holistic support and less reliance on large, tense outer-body muscle groups (pieces and parts) above the foundation to hold you.

Difference between meeting the foundation and engaging it.


Foundation: Whatever is on Floor to Core (Pelvis and Lumbar area).

Discussion - Setting Your Foundation 42:10 Notes:
  • Bandhas: Hasta, Pada, Mula, Sahasrara (Crown)
  • Secondary Bandhas: ex: Crow Pose / to activate specific power muscles
  • Warriors, Arm balances, Sitting Poses, Headstand

Practice - How You Meet the Earth 01:13:10 + – Deepen Your Core 3 Lectures 02:36:35 A Message from Sadie Nardini A Message from Sadie 00:18

Going Deeper than reacting from outer body, emotions, thoughts.

Integrity = aligning with your Core Values in each moment.

Eye of every storm: The Witness.

What steadies you in the face of anxiety and the unknown? (Connecting to your deep peace).

Psoas: represents a deeper stability, an equanamity that helps you contain your powerful peace while transforming and meeting the unknowns of life.

Discussion - Recognizing Your Teachers as You 01:16:00


  • Soft Belly/Strong Core Breath: More resilience in abs, more Psoas stability
  • NEW Psoas moves/stretches
  • Subtle actions of Psoas Minor and Iliacus (Iiliopsoas)
  • Earth-to-Core Connection

Practice - Psoas Power 01:20:17 + – Psoas Power 2 Lectures 01:42:33

In the body, we have superficial and deep.

Superficial is still important, but it is not the PRIMARY generator of your poses. It SERVES your deeper core.


Think of entire body as a movement capsule, with two major layers (there are many more), but outer serving inner to function optimally, NOT blocking it.

This session: Learn to make outer core HOLISTICALLY resilient and supportive, not just burning out one spot in the body and calling it "core strength." The whole body is a core and a support system for that core. EVERYTHING INTERWEAVES AND COMMUNICATES.

Psoas as Bridge from foundation to core and the Deep Core (or Front) Line as a whole.

THERE IS NO SEPARATION. Only more or less effective communication.

Discussion - How Can Your Outer Serve the Inner 28:48 Notes:
  • Focus on the actions of psoas and move into a deeper understanding of it
Practice - Outer Core & Deeper Psoas Activation 01:13:45 + – Expressing Yourself 3 Lectures 02:51:32 A Message from Sadie Nardini. A Message from Sadie 00:21

Universal vs. Personal Truth (Universal we all share. Personal is our unique filter).

Finding your Personal Truth: Core Message.

Once you find it, 2 aspects of Expression: Containment and Release (Banks and River) = Sthira/Sukha.

What blocks you from expressing your truth? (Time to Clean the Basement).

PRIORITY #1: What is yours?

TRINITY ANATOMY: Bring Mula, Psoas, QL into conversation with one another: Maintain open hip joints, sacrum, lumbar spine.

Keep the Gateways (hip joints) open, through pelvic tilt and muscular actions of the Trinity. Each pose requires different activations in the Trinity to keep gateways clear.

(Superficial counterparts are Mula/Perineum, Psoas/Transverse Abdominis, QL/Erectors).

Breathing diaphragm (inhale) helps ribs and pelvis/lumbar stay long from one another.

Discussion - Gathering Your Truth 01:13:30 Notes:
  • Movements predominating Mula, Psoas, and QL more Separately
  • Movements predominating Mula, Psoas, and QL working Together
  • Not focusing on moving upward from Trinity yet, just how they work and support the pelvis/hip joints/lumbar spine area
  • Root Release/Hip opening flow
Practice - The Trinity 01:37:41 + – Wave Into Your Heart 2 Lectures 01:48:03

"Opening" your heart is a misconception: It's already open. This is Expression First language.

How we express effortlessly begins at the Foundation, and the root.

Support it and your Truth will organically rise up.

FOCAL POINT for expression is counter-intuitive: Do your own work and the rest happens naturally: Generate power, press it up the spine, lightness occurs.

We often "express" too soon. This is not Aligned Action but rather is Reaction. When do you do this? Why? Is it coming from Truth or from Fear?

THE WAVE: AXIAL EXTENSION. Assists the mechanisms of prana/apana (Describe): INHALE: Spine waves UP as Pelvis moves DOWN (ribs and pelvis away from each other) to make more space so Prana can move DOWN. EXHALE: Mula moves Apana UP farther.

Inhale, spine waves. Exhale firms mula bandha to hold the wave long so there is no spinal collapse on exhales.

The Wave is a small Uddiyana Bandha, or lift from pelvis to ribs, or deeper, from pelvic diaphragm to breathing diaphragm.

Other benefits: Less spinal compression, strong yet resilient muscles in and around the spine, outer body must let go more for Wave to occur.

BIG OUTCOME: Tension releases in neck, shoulders and other areas that were carrying Expression before.

Discussion - How You Offer for Real 39:05 Notes:
  • Poses that Wave (Axial and Side to side)
  • WAVING THROUGH THE DEEP CORE LINE from hands, feet, sit bones and head
  • WAVE WITH PRANA/APANA-Get sensitive to where you're allowing or blocking this movement
  • Wave Pulsations a LOT in poses to deepen them
  • Ground down to Wave up: How the pelvic halves move with the legs, how sacrum moves with the spine
Practice - Doing the Wave 01:08:58 + – Sequencing Yoga 3 Lectures 02:47:56 A Message from Sadie Nardini. A Message from Sadie 00:23


This template is useful whether creating yoga classes or planning any course of new action. TALK THROUGH EACH POINT AND SEE HOW IT HELPS YOU GET ALIGNED OR NOT IN YOUR YOGA OR LIFE.

Core Message: What are you here to offer/lead by example in this time in your life.

Core Theme: Choose a way to get that message across in a bite-sized focal point.

Krama: Building towards your goal (Super Adventure Pose (your Dream or lofty goal)and then unwinding from your efforts. Do your actions make sense/align with your intention?

YOUR GOALS: Reaching them is a pulsation (see above), not a straight line, then you get it. It's a learning, and a release, then a deepening, then a release, and focusing on other things for a bit. Like rainstorms that come, cause the rivers to swell, rush harder and deepen their way through rock = Grand Canyon.

Core Voice: Do your words match your intentions?


Discussion - Creating Classes for Home or Career 01:22:17 Practice - Do Our Created Class 01:25:16 + – Creating a New Neutral 2 Lectures 01:45:47

WHAT DOES "BEING CENTERED" FEEL LIKE? = neutral. All you experience is neutral until you assign a label or write a story about it. SO...

What's your story? How can you change it On the Mat? In Your Life?

YOGA = not aiming for some massive spiritual experience but becoming MORE simple, more natural, more at peace.

ON THE MAT: The focus is on (Finding the misalignments in Yin and Yang within the body/mind/heart and counter-balancing them to get to an equilibrium in-between. We are not going for only strength or only flexibility, but a strong resilience that floats in-between.

Often, the concept of counter-balancing the practice is misunderstood. We do a bunch of stretches at the end of class and end up with some muscles more open, and some still working, or tense as we rest in savasana and cool down, which seals the body into that form.

Creating a New Neutral: Releasing from your efforts without undoing them (many counterposes cause opposite areas to become tense (ex: Fish after Shoulderstand or Wheel after Abdominal Poses). These are counter-poses, because they work another area and balance us back to optimal strength and flexibility (not leaving us too tense or too open either!)

We begin with COUNTER posing (more obvious tension)as we wind down from an active practice where we may have predominated certain muscles.

Then, we move into more SUBTLE, NEUTRALIZING poses as we move towards the end of practice. These bring the body back into A NEW NEUTRAL, Like mountain pose, where we feel holistically supported and released, with no one area screaming at us for help.

To NEUTRALIZE, we get sensitive to where we are now still holding tension after our Yang Poses, add COUNTER-POSES and work to release them, also, where are we feeling too open/unstable: support that area as we rest (ex: blocks under thighs in YIn Goddess pose).

Savasana re-sets the body into the mold you're ready to put it in. Make sure you've done your Counterposing and Neutralizing work before you rest in this pose.

Make sure there is Yin to balance the Yang, or you'll be molding yourself into one Type A yogi. 

Discussion - A New Neutral 20:29


  • Warm up yet neutralize Yang energy -moon salutations
  • Neutralize gravity: supported Inversion
  • Neutralize Ujjayi breath: softer breath (when moving) OR organic breath (when supine)
  • Neutralize major poses: counterposes after main flow
  • Neutralize the counter poses: subtle, long-held YIN restoratives
  • Neutralize root activation: root release (pelvic expansion breath) + BELLY ROLL
  • Chronic areas of tension + release/balance them
Practice - Coming to a New Neutral 01:25:18 2 More Sections
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