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Develop apps for the millions of businesses who still need one.

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There are millions of small to medium sized businesses that know they need an app. You should build it for them. Not a computer programmer? Not a problem! Read on...

This course on Mobile App Business teaches you how to build apps for businesses without writing a single piece of code. You can build high quality apps for your clients in as little as an hour and charge several thousand dollars to do so. No previous experience is required to make this dream a reality. This course teaches you how to make top quality mobile apps using the online app building services Conduit Mobile and iBuildApp, the most powerful and cost effective app building services on the market.

The Mobile App Development Market

Did you know that the average cost to develop a mobile app for a business is $5,000 - $15,000? Did you know that those prices are only for one Apple or Android App? If you could build your client an Apple app and an Android app for $4,000 or less, do you think they would hire you as their developer? Yes, they will!

What You Will Learn

  • How to build Apple, Android and Windows Phone apps without writing code
  • How to publish apps to the Apple App store, Google Play and the Windows App Store
  • How to properly bid and land app development jobs
  • How to build your clients a free mobile website
  • How to test your apps
  • Working with the graphic design of your apps
  • How to work with clients after the sale
  • Bonus! Download over 500 free app development icons and over 50 background image templates

3 Course Package

This 3 course package includes $250 worth of courses for just $119, saving you $131 and giving you everything you need to know about How to Start an App Business. The 3 courses you get in this package are:

  1. Building iPhone, iPad and Android apps with iBuildApp
  2. Building iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps to a Conduit Mobile (Mobile Websites Too!)
  3. How to Bid and Land Mobile App Development Jobs

You see the potential in the small business app development market, and now you know that YOU can develop mobile apps and mobile web sites. Get started today and make an investment in your future that will make you tons of money!

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  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 113 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!
    • Build apps with no computer programming experience
    • Publish your own apps to the major marketplaces
    • Learn how to properly bid and land app development jobs
    • Learn what to do after the sale
  • What is the target audience?
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Aspiring app developers
    • Small business owners

SECTION 1: Introduction to the Course Package
  • Promotional Video
  • Who Is Stone River eLearning?
  • Introduction to the Course Package
  • SECTION 2: Introduction to App Building with Conduit Mobile
  • Conduit Mobile Promo Video
  • What is Conduit Mobile?
  • Opening Your First App
  • Understanding The User Interface
  • What 's Free , What 's Paid
  • SECTION 3: Building iPhone, Android and Windows Phone Apps with Conduit Mobile
  • Adding An RSS Or ATOM Feed
  • Adding A Twitter Feed
  • Adding A Facebook Page
  • Adding A Custom Page
  • Adding Photos
  • Adding Videos
  • Adding Contact Information
  • Adding An About Us Page
  • Call Us And E Mail Us
  • SECTION 4: Graphic Design with Conduit Mobile
  • Introduction To Graphic Design
  • Changing The Color Scheme
  • Icon And Splash Screen
  • SECTION 5: Creating Mobile Websites with Conduit Mobile
  • Mobile Site
  • Redirecting Your Mobile Site
  • SECTION 6: App Testing and Introduction to Publishing with Conduit Mobile
  • Testing Your App
  • Submission Options
  • SECTION 7: Android Publishing with Conduit Mobile
  • Downloading The APK File
  • Creating Your Android Publisher Account
  • Introduction to Your Android Publisher Account
  • Graphic Assets
  • Uploading To Google Play
  • Updating Your App
  • Submitting The Google Play URL
  • SECTION 8: Windows Publishing with Conduit Mobile
  • Opening An App Hub Account
  • App Hub Membership
  • Downloading The XAP File
  • Artwork
  • Submitting Your App To App Hub
  • App Hub Lifecycle
  • SECTION 9: Apple Publishing with Conduit Mobile
  • Submitting To The Apple App Store
  • SECTION 10: Understanding iBuildApp
  • I Build App Promo Video
  • Website Changes
  • Account Settings
  • App Components Overview
  • Community Overview
  • SECTION 11: Introduction to Building iPhone and Android Apps with iBuildApp
  • Choosing App Type To Build
  • Template Overview for iPhone Android
  • App Build Page Overview
  • App Build Process Overview
  • Naming an App
  • Uploading A Logo
  • Editing Background Images
  • Changing Button Names And Images
  • Changing App Components
  • SECTION 12: Building iPhone and Android Apps with iBuildApp
  • Linking To Web Sites
  • Adding A Tap To Call Button
  • Adding An E Mail Button
  • Adding A Contacts Button
  • Adding A Facebook Page
  • Adding A Twitter Feed
  • Adding RSS And ATOM Feeds
  • Validating An RSS Or ATOM Feed
  • Adding A Google Map Location
  • Adding Your Business To Google Maps
  • HTML Page
  • Uploading Audio Files
  • Uploading Videos
  • Streaming Video
  • Streaming Audio
  • Embedding A Google Calendar
  • Adding Events
  • Adding News Releases
  • Adding Coupons
  • Adding A Photo Gallery
  • Sharing Photos Inside An App
  • E Commerce Adding Pay Pal Items
  • Moving Buttons In A Template
  • SECTION 13: Building iPad Apps with iBuildApp
  • iPad App Initial Settings
  • Adding An RSS Or ATOM Feed
  • Adding An HTML Page
  • Adding A Web Page
  • Adding Video Streaming
  • Adding A Photo Gallery
  • Preparing Your App For Publishing
  • SECTION 14: Introduction to App Publishing with iBuildApp
  • Preparing Your Phone For Testing
  • Introduction To App Publishing
  • Adding A Splash Screen
  • App Settings
  • App Info
  • SECTION 15: Android Publishing with iBuildApp
  • Introduction To Google Play
  • Generating Your APK File
  • Android Publisher Account Creation
  • Android Publisher Account Overview
  • Introduction To Android Developer Account
  • Graphic Assets
  • Uploading To Google Play
  • SECTION 16: Apple Publishing with iBuildApp
  • Testing Your App 2
  • Installing Your App In iTunes
  • Certificates And Provisioning
  • Submitting Your App To The App Store
  • Publishing To the Apple App Store
  • Publishing To App Store 2
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