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COURSE UPDATES: August 2016 4 new videos. September 2016 7 new videos

Commercial photography can be a lucrative business! It's true; photography rates can run $1000, $2000, and even $5000 per day plus expenses. A career in commercial photography can be pretty exciting while you are photographing an annual report, company brochure, travel essay, an advertisement, or traveling the globe on assignment. Is this your idea of the dream job!

Can you photograph food for a restaurant menu or a company CEO for an annual report? Do you know how to 'style' a shoe to photograph? What price should you charge for a stock photo usage?

In this course you will learn:

  • How to photograph people, places, and products
  • How to master strobe lighting
  • How to set up your business
  • How to be a creative and in-demand photographer

Learn about clients, portfolios, and marketing

  • How to find clients
  • How to create and present your portfolio
  • How to market your business
  • How to price for profit

Should you go to college or learn online?

While many general college programs teach basic through advanced photography skills, it can it takes years and cost a fortune. There are private professional schools to teach you How to Become a Professional Photographer and they have great programs but have you checked out the costs at those schools? One 10 month program in Massachusetts is over $25,000. Another very good school in Southern California does not even publish their tuition, but it is almost $100,000. Can you afford that?

This is the most complete online training in commercial photography!

That’s a bold statement isn’t it? This Commercial Photography Program is designed to meet the demands photographers experience in today’s markets, but what makes this program uniquely different is that the majority of photo examples used in the program are from real photo shoots, on real assignments, and photographed for real clients.

We did not just go into a studio and video tape where to put lights for all examples. Instead, we show you the photo taken in the studio or on location for a client. We show you in many cases why we chose the angle we used, where lights were placed, and any technical challenges we faced and how they were solved.

This course covers everything a commercial photographer might photograph:

- Portraiture

- Product Photography

- Architecture

- Corporate and Industrial

- Advertising

- Fashion and Beauty

- Travel

- Food and Beverage

- Lifestyle

- Editorial

- Stock

and some Photoshop as well.

'This is not a simple photography class. It is career training!'

Professional Photography was created as an in-depth, accelerated, and intensive program to meet the needs of aspiring pros who wish to work in today's business? It is a demanding business requiring a precise set of skills and knowledge of creative and technical processes is designed to take beginning photographers from novices to pros resulting in a portfolio to show art directors.

Photography is a business!

You will also learn how to budget for your business and studio, create marketing materials, design a portfolio, determine your photography rates, bid on jobs, price stock photography, find clients, seek a stock photo agency, and a lot more.

All you need is a dSLR camera, tripod, a few lights (see downloadable PDF on recommendations) and the passion to get started. Simply watch the intro video for examples of what is covered.


You get full unlimited access to this course forever including all future video lectures.!

And in case you did not know, Udemy has an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee and it is not your standard guarantee, it's my promise to you that you will have the needed information to succeed in outdoor photography.



Charlie, I would like to thank you for sharing your expertise with me throughout this course. When I finish a photo shoot or finish retouching a photo in Photoshop, I am amazed at how much I have learned. A year ago I could not have imagined that I would have experienced so much.

Best regards,


I asked my friend Sarah to model for me to practice my lighting. The gym she
goes to, saw the pictures and asked me to shoot one for an ad, which is a before and after shot of Sarah. If I hadn't taken this course, I would have never had this opportunity! Thanks Charlie! Karen B. (Canada)

Charlie, Thanks for your support, this was a great course! Being really honest, it's my biggest dream to open my own studio. Now, I have to still learn, but I'm looking for possibilities for doing it. Mostly I'm interested in creating shots of people or models. Once more, thanks for your course.
Ivana K. (Czech Republic)

Who is the target audience?
  • Any person with the passion to be a professional photographer
  • Anybody looking to make part time or full time income
  • Any photographer already with a part time business wanting to expand
  • Any photographer looking to branch out into higher paying markets

  • Basic understanding of the camera and equipment
  • Basic understanding of photography fundamentals
  • Basic understanding of Photoshop or similar
  • You need a camera, a lens, a computer, and ideally lighting equipment

What Will I Learn?
  • Become a master of photographic lighting
  • Ability to photograph people and portraits
  • Ability to photograph products
  • Ability to photograph architecture and industrial sites
  • Ability to market your photography business
  • Ability to effectively estimate assignments and stock photo sales

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 184 Lectures 32:48:28 + – Introduction to Commercial Photography 9 Lectures 26:10

See samples of this exciting and in-depth professional photographer training program.

Train to be a Commercial Photographer Preview 08:04 Free Download: Samples of PDF Lessons Preview 15 pages Please Read First 2 pages If you wish to have an instructor by your side, watch this.
1 on 1 Consulting on Demand 01:25 Introduction to the commercial photography business Introduction to Commercial Photography 22 pages

A close-yp look at cameras and lenses

Introduction to Camera Equipment 21 pages

This lecture explain in-depth histograms.

Understanding Histograms 12:18

This lectures defines the strategy of exposing to the right.

The Importance of Exposing to the Right 04:23

A look at photographic composition

Introduction to Composition 19 pages + – Understanding Equipment and Lighting 15 Lectures 01:30:49

Introduction to Lighting Equipment

Introduction to Lighting Equipment Pt 1 07:09

Introduction to Lighting Equipment

Introduction to Lighting Equipment Pt 2 06:33

Introduction to Lighting Equipment

Introduction to Lighting Equipment Pt 3 05:43

This first equipment video covers lights stands.

Understanding Lighting Equipment Pt 4 02:42

This second equipment video covers background equipment..

Understanding Lighting Equipment Pt 5 06:26

This third equipment video covers booms and mono lights.

Understanding Lighting Equipment Pt 6 04:35

This fourth equipment video covers lights modifiers.

Understanding Lighting Equipment Pt 7 07:54

This fifth equipment video covers reflectors and mono lights.

Understanding Lighting Equipment Pt 8 07:06 Q&A: Strobe Lights 4 pages

This video shows you the variety and benefits of wireless triggers.

Using wireless triggers 04:49

Introduction to Lighting

Understanding Light: Part 1 09:22

Introduction to Lighting

Understanding Light: Part 2 07:49

Introduction to Lighting

Understanding Light: Part 3 12:38

This video lecture describes how shutter speed controls ambient light.

Shutter Speed and Ambient Light 04:45

This video lecture describes how to control the scene exposure with your aperture.

Aperture and Strobes: Controlling Exposure 03:18 + – Introduction to Studio Portraits 12 Lectures 01:33:23 This video is an introduction to studio portrait lighting and shows light placement.
Studio Portrait Lighting: First Look Preview 03:55 Introduction to Portrait Lighting 05:16 Light Patterns in Portrait Photography 08:01

Key lights and Fill lights

The Role of Key and Fill Lights 02:56

How to create light ratios

Understanding Lighting Ratios 04:45

One light and two light portraits setups

One Light Two Light Setups 10:51

Should you light the front or the side?

Which Side of the Face? 04:40

Adding accent lights

Accent Lighting 11:46

How to create knockout backgrounds

Knockout Backgrounds 05:21

Photographing full length portraits

Full Length Portraits 05:36

Techniques for lighting backgrounds

Lighting Backgrounds 15:48

This photo session was for a family in another town that I was asked to shoot. I used another photographers studio and he had a 'cove' or 'cyc' as it is often called. The family wanted to be shot on a backgorund and this video shows the setup and then teh vairety of poses and images cpatured.

The Family Portrait Studio Session 14:28 + – Introduction to Studio Product Photography 7 Lectures 27:41 This PDF covers the introduction to basic lighting for product photography.
Introduction to Studio Product Photography 59 pages

This video lecture shows you the basics of a product photography setup in the studio.

The Basic Product Photo Setup 02:45 This video shows basic product lighting techniques for a real client job.
The Basic Product Shoot for a Real Client Pt 1 05:03

This video is the second showing a large multi day shoot for a real client.

The Basic Product Shoot for a Real Client Pt 2 04:33 Critical Tool: Photoshop Layers and Masking 06:11

Understanding Photoshop is crucial to commercial photographers today and this video will show you how we use it.

Photoshop Masking Pt 1 04:27

Photoshop is crucial to commercial photographers today and in this video lecture we show you how we use it.

Photoshop Masking Pt 2 04:42 + – Introduction to Location Lighting 5 Lectures 16:45 Location lighting brings a series of new challenges and this PDF introduces you to lighting techniques.
Introduction to Location Lighting 20 pages

Photoshop is crucial to commercial photographers and this video shows you how we process our images.

Photoshop Adjustment Layers 05:40

Photoshop is crucial to commercial photographers and this video lecture shows you a powerful retouching tool.

Photoshop: The Power of the Patch Tool 03:01

This video shows you how we retouched an interior on a real shoot.

Photoshop Retouching Pt 1 03:07

This video lecture shows you how to work quickly on location with one light.

Lighting With One Light 04:57 + – Lighting Color Mangement 7 Lectures 41:27

This video introduces the concepts behind lighting color management.

Lighting Color Management Pt 1 05:57
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