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ADHD can be a debilitating handicap if not understood and dealt with appropriately. It can affect every area of a person’s life. ADHD is one of the most researched areas today. We know so much about it, unfortunately there is a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation. 

Dr. Hyde will give you the latest and most accurate information to date. You will be able to understand it, know how to best treat it and learn coping mechanisms that can help you succeed in school, business, home and relationships. We will examine what ADHD is and what it is not, what causes it, how to assess it, treat it and effectively cope and ultimately triumph with it.

Often, all you need is good information and then to apply and practice what you’ve learned to be  highly successful.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who wants to help someone with ADHD (parent, spouse, teacher, medical doctor, therapist) or who has ADHD themselves and wants to know how to use it to their advantage as well as learn the latest in research and coping strategies.

  • Computer, iPad or smartphone.
  • The only other requirement is wanting to learn the truth about ADHD from the latest research. You will gain compensation skills and strategies as well as the most effective way to treat it.

What Will I Learn?
  • Understanding is power – Understand ADHD from the latest research.
  • What causes ADHD.
  • What treatments work and what does not.
  • Learn how professionals assess, diagnose and effectively treat ADHD.
  • Learn what difficulties are commonly associated with ADHD and how to overcome them.
  • What executive functioning is, why it is important and how to maximize it with ADHD.
  • How to recognize adult ADHD and cope with it.
  • How to take advantage of the positive aspects of ADHD.
  • How to best cope with ADHD in a school or business environment.
  • Organizational methods that are necessary to be successful.
  • How to best cope with ADHD emotionally and socially.
  • How to best cope with behavioral issues.
  • Driving, substance abuse and other dangers of untreated ADHD.
  • Parent, spouse and family stress and how to best manage it.
  • Understand the role of genetics and how ADHD can impact members of a family.
  • Best coping strategies for teens.
  • Understanding how to be an executive parent.
  • Loving and accepting yourself and why that is important, especially for someone with ADHD.
  • How to best use therapy.
  • Understanding medication and how to use it optimally.
  • Learn how to work effectively and productively with your medical doctor.
  • Learn how to be the effective parent.
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Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 30 Lectures 02:46:36 + – Video 1 Understanding ADHD, The Negative Effects If Left Untreated 30 Lectures 02:46:36 Video 1 Understanding ADHD, The Negative Effects If Left Untreated Preview 10:21 Video 2 Current Knowledge and Diagnosing ADHD 09:18 09:18 Video 3 Latest Research & Thinking on ADHD 02:57 02:56 Video 4 The Role of Executive Functioning 03:31 03:31 Video 5 Latest Research & Thinking on ADHD Continued 05:24 05:18 Video 6 Latest Research & Thinking on ADHD Continued 06:30 06:30 Video 7 Oppositional Defiant Disorder & ADHD 02:53 02:52 Video 8 Latest Research & Thinking on ADHD Continued 04:34 04:33 Video 9 Russell Barkley’s Best New Checklist For Adult ADHD 01:48 01:48 Video 10 Advantages of Having ADHD 02:08 02:07 Video 11 Causes, Prevalence & Differential Diagnosis 05:20 05:19 Video 12 Treatment Strategies & Other Complications 05:55 05:55 Video 13 Academic Issues & Developmental Disorders 04:06 04:05 Video 14 Emotional & Social Issues 03:57 03:57 Video 15 Behavioral Issues 03:21 03:21 Video 16 Driving, Parental & Family Stress 05:36 05:36 Video 17 School & Classroom Strategies 06:42 06:42 Video 18 Classroom Strategies Continued 07:08 07:07 Video 19 Tips For Teens 04:43 04:42 Video 20 Parents / Adults With ADHD 04:11 04:10 Video 21 Power of Self-Image, Visualization & Love 06:25 06:25 Video 22 Therapy Issues; Medication Dosage 06:15 06:14 Video 23 Structuring Environment; Discipline Issues 04:40 04:39 Video 24 Treatment Issues & Philosophy 06:23 06:23 Video 25 The Effective Parent 02:15 02:14 Video 26 100 Years of ADHD: Debunking The Myths 05:25 05:25 Video 27 Understanding Medication 07:18 07:17 Video 28 Understanding Medication Continued; Working With Your MD 08:39 08:39 Video 29 Medication Issues 10:05 10:05 Video 30 Different Types of Medications; Facts & Myths 09:08 09:07
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